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OLTL Previews: Week of July 20


OLTL Spoilers: Week of July 20

Stacey pushes Gigi to the limit this week on OLTL.

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Stacy threatens to destroy the bag of blood, unless Rex sleeps with her once more. Rex tells Stacy he’d do anything to save his son, but he would hate every second of it. A crushed Stacy gives Rex the blood. Rex and Gigi celebrate when they finally have Stacy out of their lives, but Stacy vows to get revenge. Stacy vandalizes Gigi’s car and the two have a confrontation in the parking garage. Stacy warns Gigi that the competition for Rex has just begun and she won’t go down without a fight. Pushed to far, Gigi attacks Stacy and watches as her sister falls down a flight of stairs. Rex demands answers from Roxy, who tells him the donor who saved Shane’s life was his father. Just as Roxy admits to her son, who his father is, they’re interrupted by Gigi. Stacy gets unexpected news with her doctor.


Dorian lashes out on Todd for sleeping with Blair. Todd insists to Dorian that he wants Tea, not Blair. Dorian comes up with a plan with Todd to win Tea back. Meanwhile, Blair goes to see Tea ostensibly to apologize, but is really there to gloat about bedding Todd. Tea and Blair get have a blowout with Blair playing dirty as she delivers the final blow. Tea thinks Todd has lost his mind when he gives her a key to La Boulaie and asks her to move in with him, Blair and the kids. An angry Blair lashes out on Dorian, when she learns Dorian is trying to get Todd and Tea back together. Dorian lets Blair know that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to keep her away from Todd.


Greg jumps into action and saves the life of one of Rachel’s counseless when he realizes the seriousness of the boy’s head injury. Bo and Nora are on the receiving end of an unpleasant surprise thanks to Tea. Starr and Cole make love for the first time since the night Hope was conceived. Shaun jumps to the wrong conclusion when he finds Greg in Rachel’s room.


After signing the divorce papers, John and Blair share a bittersweet goodbye on Monday, July 20.

Cristian reads the cryptic letter that Fish left for Kyle on Tuesday, July 21.

Fish overreacts when Leyla asks if he’s gay on Wednesday, July 22.

Matthew asks Tea to be his lawyer on Thursday, July 23.

Nora tries to use Matthew’s lawsuit as a way to postpone the wedding on Friday, July 24.

COMING SOON: Week of 7/27

Stacy drops a bomb on Rex and Gigi. Viki & Charlie and Clint & Nora’s rehearsal dinner seems to be cursed. Jessica thinks she sees a ghost. Rex encourages Bo not to wait to tell Nora how he feels. Gigi’s world comes crashing down around her. Jessica wonders if she’s seeing things. Bo and Nora act on their feelings. Rex unleashes his pent up anger on Gigi. Matthew blackmails Bo and Nora. Tea won’t be a part of the game Todd’s playing with Blair. Bo and Nora dodge a bullet. Jessica catches another glimpse of the mystery man. Cole’s undercover operation gets underway. Nora faces a dilemma. Blair and Dorian try to drown their sorrows. Brody is concerned for Jessica.

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