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AMC Previews: Week of July 20


AMC Spoilers: Week of July 20

Annie’s past is exposed when Adam reads her journal.

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Zach and Kendall pledge their love to one another. Kendall decides to accept Willis’s plea deal, however is shocked when Willis tells her the deal is off, now that Emma is an eyewitness. Willis infuriates Zach when he discloses he is going after a murder one conviction. Erica assures her daughter that she and Ryan will handle Emma. Ryan and Erica hide Emma from Willis. Kendall scares Emma when she confronts her demanding the truth. Ryan warns Kendall to leave Emma alone. Kendall’s time is running out and is upset that nobody is putting more pressure on Emma. Zach is incredulous when Liza suggests they should try to manipulate Emma. Emma swipes Erica’s cell and hides it in her room. Erica panickly calls Ryan that Liza is questioning Emma, but when he doesn’t answer, she tells Zach. Zach pulls Liza away from Emma, but realizes she’s right when she says someone other than Ryan needs to talk to Emma. Zach softly questions Emma and is interrupted with a confession, when Ryan walks in. Ryan rips into Liza and Zach for questioning Emma. Emma pulls away from Ryan and shuts down completely. Ryan and Erica take Emma to the hospital where she remains unresponsive. Kendall conjures up Stuart’s ghost and he tells her that he will help her get the truth.


Adam is unsettled after reading Annie’s files, which includes her journal from Oak Haven. Annie is shocked when she answers a call believing it’s from Erica, and finds Emma on the other end. Annie abruptly ends the call, when Jessie enters the room. Adam accuses Annie of having shot Stuart. Annie plays up being hurt when Adam turns down her marriage proposal.


Marian lays into Liza, saying she’ll have nothing to do with her if she continues to represent Kendall. Randi panics when she receives a bookend identical to the one she clobbered North with in the mail. Jesse tells Randi that Madison is just playing mind games with her and promises to put an end to it once and for all. Jesse rushes Randi to the hospital. Jesse confronts Madison Frankie, Angie, and Jessie receive devastating news. Tad tries to stall Liza, while Jake, Amanda and Taylor have the chance to sneak away with Trevor.


Taylor volunteers to help Jake and Amanda on Monday, July 20.

Ryan puts a stop to Kendall’s tactics on Tuesday, July 21.

Frankie shows Brot the disturbing text message he received on Wednesday, July 22.

Frankie tries to be strong for Randi on Thursday, July 23.

Angie knows Jesse is keeping something from her on Friday, July 24

COMING SOON: Week of 7/27

Annie vows to become the next Mrs. Adam Chandler. Zach promises to prove Kendall’s innocence. Ryan is concerned about Emma. Adam thinks Annie tried to kill him. Zach tells Kendall her nightmare is over. David gets closer to Liza. Annie accuses Zach of setting her up. Adam is troubled by Emma’s comment about Annie. Jake warns Amanda not to do anything to make David suspicious. Zach is certain of Kendall’s innocence. Annie finds an unlikely ally in Jack. Erica insists to Ryan they’re doing the right thing. Zach wonders what Aidan’s up to. Jesse has bad news for Kendall, Zach and Ryan. Tad and Taylor take another step closer.

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