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GH Spoilers: Week of July 20

Michael has a confession to make when tragedy strikes.

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To avoid a reckless driver, Claudia becomes a victim of a tragic car accident. Carly is close by when it happens and pulls Claudia from the wreckage. Claudia is rushed to the hospital while Sonny is learning he is the father of Claudia’s baby. Sonny doesn’t believe Claudia was in a car accident when he learns about it from Johnny. Michael admits to Jason he thinks he caused Claudia’s accident. Jason helps cover up any evidence that would point to Michael. Meanwhile, Kristina believes she caused the accident and calls Sam. Sam notices Kristina is shaken up and when she returns home. Sam and Jason suspect Michael or Kristina are the culprits who caused Claudia’s accident. At the hospital, Patrick and Kelly inform Claudia both her and her baby are at severe risk.

Feeling guilty over how he treated Claudia, Sonny sits vigil by her side. Claudia and Sonny are informed by Robin and Patrick, that Claudia has a brain injury and medication would be the next course of action, however it could cause Claudia to miscarry. Michael confesses to Kristina, he may be the one to cause Claudia’s accident. After learning of Alexis’ whereabouts, Sam believes it’s possible Alexis was also on that road where Claudia’s accident occurred. Claudia decides to take the risk of brain surgery rather than take the medication treatment. Patrick injures his finger while saving Robin from falling down the stairs, and asks Matt to perform surgery on Claudia. Johnny threatens to kill Matt if anything happens to his sister during surgery. Michael becomes more certain he was the one who caused the accident but Kristina tries to make him see there are other possibilities to who caused the accident. Morgan tells Jason that Michael decided to turn himself in at the PCPD. Jason arrives just as Michael is admitting he was responsible for the accident. Andrea accuses Alexis of causing the accident because she was so distraught over their confrontation at the Mayor’s house that night. Kristina overhears Diane asking Alexis if there is any possibility she could have caused Claudia’s accident.

Claudia’s surgery was a success, but soon Kelly arrives with devastating news. Meanwhile, after collapsing at home, Carly is admitted into the hospital and is required strict bed rest and to avoid stress. Despite protests by Diane and Jason, Mac has no choice but to arrest Michael for causing the accident. Kristina accuses her mother of letting Michael take the fall for the accident. Sam asks Kristina if it’s possible she was the one who caused Claudia’s accident. Jax decides to not tell Carly about Michael being arrested in the hopes to avoid more added stress Carly does not need.

Jason asks Robin to talk to Mac on Michael’s behalf. Robin has much success with her Uncle Mac as he releases Michael from jail. Jason takes Michael to the Quartermaines after he is released. Jax cannot keep Carly in the dark about Michael’s arrest when she sees it on the local news. Carly’s stress level goes extremely high and puts her in danger of losing the baby. Carly is adamant Michael did not cause Claudia’s accident, while Sam drops the bombshell on Alexis that it could have been Kristina who is responsible for the accident. Sonny confronts Michael about his confession and his involvement in the accident.


After seeing the ring, Maxie is tempted to accept Spinelli’s proposal but asks for more time to decide. Sonny sends Jason to Olivia’s to apologize, and both Dominic and Olivia are surprised to see him at the door. Dominic accuses Olivia of having feelings for Sonny and later at the hospital, Olivia is weary when she sees him with Sonny. Dominic tells an infuriated Olivia that he is working for Sonny.


Carly searches the side of the road for Morgan’s missing medallion on Monday, July 20.

Johnny walks in to see Sonny and Olivia kissing on Tuesday, July 21.

Alexis asks Sam if she and Spinelli could find a way to erase the footage of her at the Mayor’s house on Wednesday, July 22.

Carly is rushed to the hospital after collapsing on Thursday, July 23.

Olivia goes through the roof when Dominic tells her he’s working for Sonny on Friday, July 24.

COMING SOON: Week of 7/27

Sonny angrily confronts Michael. Claudia struggles with her grief. Sam drops a bomb on Alexis. Carly accuses Alexis of framing Michael. Sam becomes more convinced of Kristina’s guilt. Michael breaks down when confronted by Sonny. Sam and Jason team up to find Michael and Kristina. Maxie panics when she sees Spinelli with Mac. Ethan tries to mend fences with Rebecca. Claudia hatches a plan for revenge. Alexis makes a surprising confession. Kristina refuses to leave Michael. Alexis will do anything to protect Kristina. Carly notices the spark between Sonny and Olivia. Lucky and Ethan between unlikely allies. Michael and Kristina are headed south of the border. Olivia fights her feelings for Sonny. Jerry plans on using Michael as a pawn to get to Jason.

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