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AMC Spoilers: Week of July 6

Ryan’s kisses are more than friendly with Erica.

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Annie almost succeeds in killing Erica by choking her, however, Adam stops her just in time. Erica fumes when Adam takes Annie’s side. Everyone in Pine Valley is convinced that Annie killed Stuart, but Adam refuses to believe it. Kendall goes to see Adam, telling him she has a plan to prove Annie’s guilt. Kendall and Ryan hide in the tunnel as Adam tells a nervous Annie he remembers everything the night of the shooting. Annie stands by her innocence and tells Adam she’s hurt that he doesn’t trust her. Adam lays it out with Kendall and Ryan, for not trusting Annie. Annie thinks of a way to escape, but decides to stay put. Adam expresses his feelings for Annie with a kiss, after telling her he’s glad she didn’t leave town. Ryan and Aidan wash their hands of Kendall and Annie. Meanwhile, Erica and Ryan think about the fun time they had together. Annie continues to work her wiles on Adam.


North becomes violent towards Randi as he forces himself on her. Randi narrowly escapes when she smashes a bookend to his head to defend herself. Randi flees the room, leaving North alone with no help. That is, until his wife shows up. North believes his wife will help him, but she has something else in mind. Realizing she forgot something, Randi goes back to the room, and believes she killed North, when she finds him dead. Jesse walks in and sees Randi kneeling beside North’s dead body. Madison lets Zach and Kendall know that they don’t have to worry about North anymore. Jesse believes Randi when she tells him what happened. Fearing a jury would never believe her story, Randi fears of going to prison. Jesse protects Randi. Later, Randi tries to keep her cool in front of Frankie, while remembering the events the night before. Randi surprises Frankie with a special gift. Madison confesses to Zach that the woman North was having an affair with, killed him and Jesse is covering it up. Evidence is found and it all points to Randi. Zach and Jesse suspect that each knows more than they’re saying. Madison is seen watching the hotel surveillance tapes.


David is more convinced that Liza is passing off his and Amanda’s baby as her own. David accuses Jake of being overly obsessed with Liza’s baby. Liza pulls away when Amanda reaches out to touch Stuart. Ryan pulls Erica into a more than friendly kiss. Marissa inadvertently tells Scott that JR kissed her. Scott and Marissa go out on a date, but leaves when JR arrives. Marissa offers to help David prove his theory that Liza’s baby is really his and Amanda’s son. Krystal is stunned when David asks her for a second chance


Kendall goes to see Adam, saying she has a plan to prove Annie’s guilt on Monday, July 6.

JR asks Marissa out on a date on Tuesday, July 7.

David asks Krystal for a second chance on Wednesday, July 8.

Ryan and Erica enjoy their afternoon together on Thursday, July 9.

Ryan and Aidan wash their hands of Kendall and Annie on Friday, July 10

COMING SOON: Week of 7/13

Zach subtly tells Jesse he knows the truth. Amanda asks Jake if he gave her baby to Liza. Kendall questions why Liza would agree to take her case. Jesse squares off with Madison. Kendall tells Zach that she loves him. Marisa gives David an ultimatum. Zach and Ryan begin to doubt Kendall’s innocence. Jake tells Amanda the truth about her baby. Erica stirs up trouble for Annie. The evidence against Kendall continues to mount. Amanda has an emotional reunion with her baby. Annie sneaks out of the mansion. Annie forms a new plan. Kendall finds comfort in Zach’s arms. David tells Marissa his marriage is over.

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