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GH Spoilers: Week of August 24

Things heat up in Mexico for Jason and Sam!

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Sam and Jason remember the time they spent together in Hawaii, which rekindles old feelings. Sam is caught off guard when Jason initiates a kiss. The kiss leads to them making love, but afterwards, both of them aren’t sure what it all means. Sam and Jason hit the road to hunt down Michael and Kristina, while they track the kids’ movements, Sam and Jason cannot resist giving in to their feelings again.

After being rejected by Keifer, Kristina makes the decision she is going home and packs her bags. Even after Kristina confesses she believes she caused the car accident, Michael insists on taking the blame. They realize they don’t have enough money to buy Kristina’s ticket home, so Michael is willing to resort to stealing to get enough money for the plane ticket. Michael steals a tourist’s wristwatch but he gets caught by the tourist he stole it from. As Michael faces the angry tourist, Jason and Sam come to his rescue. Michael then tells Jason, he has no intention of ever going back to Port Charles. Kristina is stunned to hear from Sam, that Alexis has confessed to the accident that cause Claudia to lose her baby.


Jax figures out that Dominic is the son of Olivia and Sonny. Jax admits to Olivia, he’d like to see Dominic take down Sonny. When Jax seems accepting of Dominic, Carly is shocked. Jax pressures Spinelli to tell him Michael and Kristina’s whereabouts.

Sonny shares his feelings with Claudia about their marriage and their future together. Claudia expresses her wanting to have another baby with Sonny. After Claudia bonds with Morgan, Sonny realizes they are making roads to becoming a real family. Sonny insists he is not going to pursue Olivia any longer. Dominic overhears Sonny’s promise and later tells Olivia. A heated argument ensues between Johnny and Claudia, and Johnny has reached the end of his rope. Sonny walks in on the very heated confrontation. Johnny and Claudia’s relationship remains strained. While Alexis and Sonny talk about the accident, Claudia eavesdrops and hears Kristina was the one who caused the accident, not Michael. Dominic takes evidence that will assist him in taking Sonny down.


When Nikolas kisses her, Elizabeth pushes him away and she is unsettled by it. Nikolas later goes to see Rebecca to ask for forgiveness but he has other reasons for being there. Maxie is stunned to hear Spinelli wants to remain celibate until their wedding night. Carly warns Keifer to stay away from Morgan. Olivia tries to push Johnny away, but cannot resist his charming ways. Rebecca is unaware of Nikolas’ true intentions. Robin discovers the murder weapon that killed Brianna Hughes was missing from the crime scene, she later goes to Alexis to reveal her theory. Andrea eavesdrops on the conversation between Robin and Alexis. Patrick tries to deter Robin from pushing Andrea’s buttons.


Jax figures out that Dominic is Olivia and Sonny’s son Dante on Monday, August 24.

Sam and Jason make love but are awkward afterwards, neither sure about what this means for them on Tuesday, August 25.

Spinelli throws Maxie for a loop when he announces they should remain celibate until their wedding night on Wednesday, August 26.

Sonny walks in on Johnny and Claudia’s heated confrontation on Thursday, August 27.

Patrick warns Robin not to antagonize Andrea on Friday, August 28.

COMING SOON: Week of 8/31

Claudia vows revenge on Kristina. Sam and Jason bring Michael and Kristina home. Carly questions Jax about Dominic. Jason tells Sonny what Jerry said about Claudia. Jax plans on blowing Claudia out of the water when the time is right. Jason and Sam continue to connect. Claudia plans to make Kristina pay for what she did. Maxie and Spinelli push Jason and Sam together. Edward becomes the target of a killer. Elizabeth questions what Nikolas is really up to. Carly gives Jason advice about Sam. Robin realizes Edward could provide the answers she needs. Everyone has an agenda as the carnival begins. Nikolas evades Elizabeth’s questions. Edward’s life is in jeopardy.

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