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GH Spoilers: Week of August 17

In a drunken stupor, Nikolas kisses Elizabeth!

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Olivia continues to argue with Dominic about his job as an undercover cop. Sonny grills Dominic about his taking the fall for Johnny. Dominic worries when he sees Sonny and Olivia together. Sonny gets an ear full when Olivia tells him to stay out of her life. Olivia encounters Kate and an argument ensues. Jax overhears Olivia’s secret about Sonny being the father of her son. When Olivia meets with Ronnie, Carly is there to eavesdrop. Dominic continues pursuing to gain Johnny’s trust, but later Dominic decks Johnny for making a remark about sleeping with Olivia. Jax may know about Olivia’s secret, but he also agrees to keep the could be damaging information to himself.


Jason is hurt badly and Sam tends to his wounds, but his condition takes a turn for the worse. Sam does her best to ease Jason’s pain and makes him promise he will not die on her. They are unaware Jerry has returned to the church and stay hidden. Jason’s fever spikes and he becomes delirious. He believes he and Sam are back in Hawaii together. Sam declares her love to a disoriented Jason. Jason remembers the time they spent in Hawaii and thanks Sam for saving his life when he had the brain tumor.

Michael is smitten with a French tourist who is a patron at the place he and Kristina are working at in Cancun. Michael and Kristina find a PDA on the beach and use it to send messages home. Spinelli tracks down the messages to Cancun but doesn’t tell their parents. Jax and Sonny argue over who is going to go and bring the kids home.


After confronting Rebecca about her lies, Nikolas’ rage causes some damage to Wyndemere. Elizabeth finds a drunken Nikolas in the turret and accuses him of wallowing in self pity. She encourages him to move on with his life. Nikolas pulls Elizabeth into a passionate kiss as Lucky arrives at Wyndemere. Nikolas and Elizabeth pull back from each other in time before getting caught by Lucky. Elizabeth is unsettled by the kiss when she returns home with Lucky. Both Nikolas and Elizabeth agree they are both to blame for the kiss and Lucky should never find out about it. Nikolas and Elizabeth find themselves in a close moment, again.

Rebecca is surprised by Monica and Edward’s reaction once they learn the truth. Dominic finds a drunk Rebecca at Jake’s and takes her back to his place, but she passes out before anything can happen. A hurt Nikolas doesn’t want anything to do with Rebecca. Monica tells Rebecca she is still part of the Quartermaine family.


Alexis confesses to Sonny that she is taking the blame for the car accident, to protect Kristina. Molly turns to Nikolas for help. After Andrea confronts Robin, Patrick reminds her Andrea is dangerous. Andrea sneaks a peek at Robin’s work schedule at the hospital. Dominic flirts with Lulu. Later, Matt comes to Lulu’s rescue when she glues her hand to her hair. Sonny comforts Claudia when he finds her with baby furniture that has been delivered to the house. Sonny makes a decision about his future with Claudia.


Nikolas isn’t forgiving while confronting Rebecca about her lies and later erupts in a violent rage on Monday, August 17.

Sam makes Jason promise that he won’t die on her as she does her best to ease his pain on Tuesday, August 18.

Andrea confronts Robin, who holds back from coming out and accusing her of murder on Wednesday, August 19.

Jax overhears Olivia and Kate’s argument and learns that Sonny is the father of Olivia’s son on Thursday, August 20.

Sonny makes a decision about his future with Claudia on Friday, August 21.

COMING SOON: Week of 8/24

Jax figures out the truth about Dominic. Sam struggles with her feelings for Jason. Elizabeth reads Nikolas the riot act. Jason makes love with Sam. Nikolas wants revenge on Rebecca. Sonny resolves to make things work with Claudia. Jason and Sam act on their feelings. Olivia tries to push Johnny away but succumbs to his charms in the end. Nikolas shows his dark side. Kristina confesses the truth to Michael. Johnny reaches his breaking point with Claudia. Jax puts pressure on Spinelli. Robin doesn’t realize the walls have ears. Jason and Sam have luck with their search. Dominic gets information against Sonny. Patrick warns Robin not to antagonize Andrea.

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