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AMC Previews: Week of August 17


AMC Spoilers: Week of August 17

Natalie finds Randi with Baby Trevor!

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Erica almost finds out Zach’s secret, but Zach covers his tracks. Zach and Liza convinces Adam to loan him money, which annoys Annie. Kendall prepares a romantic dinner for Zach, but will they be interrupted? Zach loses his temper with Liza, when she grills him about Kendall. Ryan tells Liza that Zach is up to something. Kendall begins to suffer chest pains.


Jesse stands up to Marissa’s threats, returning a few of his own. Frankie is frantic when he finds Randi missing. Natalia gets a surprise when she tracks down Randi with Baby Trevor. Randi begs Natalia to not make her turn Trevor into the authorities. Angie confronts Jesse with her suspicions about North’s death. Angie realizes the awful truth. Madison taunts Frankie with her claims that Randi was having an affair with North and ended up killing him.


David apologizes to Liza. Tad keeps a close on David as he is convinced that David stole Trevor. Tad spills everything to Liza, including the fact that David and Amanda aren’t baby Stuart’s birth parents. Liza cozies up to David. Jake and Amanda find David’s “friend” Nurse Gayle in Massachusetts. Marissa sees right through Krystal when she reaches out to her on JR’s behalf.


Kendall accuses Zach of keeping her prisoner to get revenge for her having been unfaithful to him. Jesse confesses everything to Angie and Frankie. Zach finds a teary Liza. JR tries to make mends with Marissa. Angie confronts Madison. Frankie returns home to find Randi with the baby. Natalia is torn between a rock and a hard place.


Zach, with Liza in tow, gets Adam to agree to loan him money, much to Annie’s annoyance on Monday, August 17.

Randi begs Natalia not to make her turn Trevor over to the authorities, claiming she believes she was meant to find him on Tuesday, August 18.

Jesse confesses everything to Angie and Frankie on Wednesday, August 19.

Ryan tells Liza he suspects Zach is up to something on Thursday, August 20.

Natalia warns Frankie that he and Randi can’t keep the baby on Friday, August 21

COMING SOON: Week of 8/24

Zach and Kendall have more visitors than they’d like. Annie works her wiles on Scott. David and JR clash over Marissa. Kendall doesn’t like what she sees. Annie learns her fate. Amanda blames herself for Trevor’s disappearance. Marissa confronts David on his manipulations. Liza confesses her feelings to Zach. Madison puts the screws to Frankie. Amanda has a close call with Trevor. Kendall wants Zach to prove his love. JR makes his move on Marissa. David demands the truth Liza. Angie has dire news for JR. Randi confesses everything to Natalia.

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