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Natalia knows who & what she wants when she returns to Springfield.

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Natalia returns to Springfield and encounters Father Ray. She tells him she knows what she wants and it’s what God wants her to do. Natalia tells Blake that Springfield is her home and she knows it’s where she wants to be. Father Ray asks Olivia if she has run into Natalia. Olivia tells him she has moved on from Natalia and is putting her life back together. Olivia takes Emma to the playground and encounters Natalia. Natalia apologizes to Olivia and tells her she has been in her thoughts every day since she left. Olivia is shocked when she learns Natalia is pregnant. Natalia admits the father of her baby is Frank. Natalia tells Olivia she is happy being pregnant and wants to be with her. Olivia pulls Emma away from Natalia when Emma is happy to see Natalia back.

Natalia and Olivia share an emotional confrontation as to why Natalia left town. Olivia walks away from her and goes to see Josh while Natalia encounters Frank. After Frank learns he’s going to be a daddy, he tells her he’ll be there for both her and their unborn child. She admits to him he is the father of her baby. Frank tells her, he will be there for her and the baby. Natalia informs Frank she wants to raise their child with him….and Olivia.

While in the middle of making love, Olivia admits to Josh that she’s in love with Natalia. Josh doesn’t want to get involved and Olivia leaves. She later runs into Frank and tells him to fight for what he wants even if what he wants is Natalia and the baby. When Natalia tells Rafe he’s going to be a big brother he wonders if Frank is really the child’s father. Natalia defends the choices she’s made when Rafe insists she marry Frank. Later Rafe confronts Olivia about her relationship with his mother. Frank and Natalia go to tell his family the good news. Natalia daydreams about Olivia and the good times they shared — while Olivia remembers the time she’s spent with Natalia.


Billy plans a surprise wedding for him and Vanessa but things don’t go as planned. Billy asks Josh to be his best man. Jonathan and Jeffrey’s plans to deceive Edmund go wrong and they find themselves in harms way. Jeffrey insists Jonathan return to Springfield to keep Reva safe from Edmund. Edmund warns Jeffrey he must stay ‘dead’. Reva re-lives the memories of her and Jeffrey. Josh finds a distraught Reva in her wedding dress, and tells her he cannot help her through her pain. Daisy and Ashlee discover Reva’s pain of losing Jeffrey goes beyond grieving. Marina lectures Buzz about his spending habits, but he believes he’ll be receiving money back from Cyrus’ bail. Ashlee plots with Blake to conduct an interview with him for her new book.

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