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AMC Rumor: Budig to Meet AMC Execs?


AMC Rumor: Budig to Meet AMC Execs?

Will AMC’s west coast move bring Rebecca Budig back to the show?

Well that didn’t take long at all! TVSource Magazine is hearing that west-coast actress Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee, AMC) has a meeting set up with All My Children head writer Charles Pratt and another meeting with ABC Daytime President Brian Frons this week. According to our source, Budig flew to New York so she could meet with Pratt and she’ll meet with Brian Frons later in the week.

The actress, who moved to California after she left AMC in 2006 with husband “Bachelor Bob” Guiney, returned to AMC for a one-year gig back in 2008. Budig exited the show in February 2009 telling suds cabler SOAPnet, “Well, my life is in California. I had hoped it would be a lot easier than it was to live bi-coastally. But it’s really tough — our life is enmeshed there. We put down roots there.” Budig actually exercised the out in her contract after one year, which reportedly had a non-compete clause to prohibit her from appearing on any non-ABC soaps. Now that production of All My Children is officially moving to Los Angeles, it appears Budig is ready to begin talks with the show.

Upon Budig’s exit last winter, Greenlee was presumed dead after flying her motorcycle off the road and into a ditch. While what was supposedly Greenlee’s body was later found, fiancé Ryan (Cameron Mathison) failed to identify if it was actually Greenlee, deciding it was her simply upon seeing her engagement ring on her hand. Ex-husband Aiden (Aidan Turner) had the gall to take a closer look and kept tight-lipped about the whole thing ever since.

It appears Rebecca Budig is ready for Greenlee’s next act. Will Pratt and Frons be able to accommodate the actress’ needs? Sources say Budig is hopeful that it all works out.

TVSource Magazine will keep you updated on this exclusive breaking news.

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