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AMC Previews: Week of August 10


AMC Spoilers: Week of August 10

Adam promises to help Annie get Emma back.

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Ryan confronts Annie after learning she talked to Emma on the phone. Ryan vows that Annie will never get her hands on Emma again. Annie gets unlikely support from Scott. To show her appreciation, Annie tells Scott to fight for Marissa. Annie uses Emma to make sure that what she saw the night Stuart was killed will never be revealed. Ryan informs Jesse that Annie has been in contact with Emma. Adam promises Annie he’ll help her get Emma back. Adam has a flashback to the night of Stuart’s murder, but doesn’t share with Annie. Annie flirts with Scott and pulls her into a kiss. Annie uses the surveillance tape of both JR and Scott kissing her as leverage against them. Annie inadvertently stirs up trouble for Jesse. Emma calls Annie and asks her when she can stop lying to Ryan.


Angie inadvertently stirs up trouble for Jesse when North’s murder investigation is reopened. Jesse clams up when Frankie suspects him of being up to something with Randi. Angie and Frankie are certain Jesse and Randi are keeping secrets. David warns Marissa to stay away from JR. Scott feels he’s not good enough for Marissa, but pulls her into a kiss. David shows up at Liza’s door and surprises her with a kiss. David tries to make a deal with JR: Stay away from Marissa and he’ll leave Little Adam alone. Marissa rejects JR when he tries to make amends with her.


Jake stages a plan so that it will appear as though Opal “found” baby Trevor abandoned in the ally. Jake tells Amanda the plan and that this way they’ll be able to “adopt’ the baby. Tad and Taylor place Trevor in his basket in the ally and wait for Opal to “discover” him. Tad and Taylor are confident the plan will work, but Amanda gives them unsettling news. Tad and Taylor’s worst fears come true when they discover someone other than Opal took Trevor from the ally. Tad and Jake blame David for taking baby Trevor and head to Wildwind. Tad and Jake discover David has been making phone calls to Massachusetts.


Jake and Amanda head to Massachusetts. Frankie is no match for Madison . Angie asks Jesse if he’s protecting Randi. Angie suspects Randi is involved in North’s murder. Erica and Ryan’s mutal attraction continues to build. JR is at Marissa’s side when she awakes from surgery. David would rather see Marissa with Scott rather than JR. Scott realizes he isn’t cut out to be the ruthless type. Liza is furious with David. David is up to his old tricks.


Scott visits Marissa and impulsively kisses her on Monday, August 10.

Adam has a flashback to the night of Stuart’s murder but doesn’t share the memory with Annie on Tuesday, August 11.

Marissa angrily rejects JR when he returns to try and make amends with her on Wednesday, August 12.

Angie and Frankie are certain Jesse and Randi are keeping secrets on Thursday, August 13.

Tad and Taylor’s worst fears are realized when they discover someone other than Opal took Trevor on Friday, August 14

COMING SOON: Week of 8/17

Zach begins to work Adam. David pushes Scott in Marissa’s direction. Annie turns to Scott for help. Jesse won’t take Madison’s threats lying down. Liza can’t get Zach off her mind. Angie demands that Jesse be honest with her. Tad tells Liza the truth about her baby. Jesse confesses the truth to Angie. Amanda grows more convinced of David’s guilt. Ryan suspects Zach is up to something. Erica gets off to a rocky start in Africa. Scott accuses Annie of going after Adam’s money. Randi tells Frankie everything about the night of North’s murder. Jesse warns Madison to keep her mouth shut. Kendall comes to terms with her situation.

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