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GH Previews: Week of September 28


GH Spoilers: Week of September 28

Claudia puts the screws to Olivia, revealing she knows the truth.

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Kristina overhears Sonny telling Mike that he feels an obligation to give Claudia another baby to make up for the baby that died in the car accident Kristina was responsible for. Kristina pleads with Sonny not to have a child with Claudia to appease his guilt. Kristina accuses Sonny of never wanting her and Sonny realizes how his absence has affected her life. Wanting attention, Kristina calls Keifer and invites him over. When things go too far, Kristina pulls away from him just as they are about to have sex. Sam unexpectedly finds Keifer in Kristina’s room and asks her if they are sleeping together. Later, Kristina agrees to meet Keifer at a motel room and he loses his temper when Kristina refuses to sleep with him. Kristina admits to Sam she’s ready to have sex with Keifer and wants her help to get birth control.


Dominic overhears Johnny and Olivia expressing their love for each other, and later confronts Olivia about it. A drunken Kate encounters Dominic and recognizes him to be Sonny’s son, Dante. She approaches him but Olivia pulls her away before she blows his cover. Outside with Olivia, Kate tells her, she knows Dominic is really Dante, just as Claudia arrives. Kate tells Olivia and Dominic that she will keep their secret. Claudia, now knows the truth, warns Olivia she’ll get her comeuppance. Claudia confronts Dominic, and harasses Olivia in front of him to see his reaction. Olivia admits to Kate she fears Claudia knows that Dominic is really Dante. Claudia reveals to Olivia she knows the truth about Dominic. Dominic is between a rock and a hard place when Sonny asks him to find the leak in their organization.


Spinelli and Maxie are more in love than two people could possibly be. Lulu wonders if she will ever find a love like Spinelli and Maxie have found. Dominic is there to put a smile back on Lulu’s face. Jason catches Maxie’s garter and Sam ends up with her bouquet. Robin arranges for Coleman to set up the karaoke machine and everyone serenades the couple. The evening at Jake’s evolves into a karaoke night with several memorable performances.


Ethan wonders if Helena could be behind Luke’s disappearance and he questions Nikolas. Lulu and Ethan both receive cryptic text messages. A mystery woman holds a very ill Helena, who is confined to lavish surroundings. Luke is also being held prisoner but his surroundings aren’t fit for a king. Lulu and Ethan discuss the text messages they got from Luke. Ethan decides to go to Greece to look for Luke and Lulu tags along insisting she can help find Luke. The mystery woman prevents Helena from issuing a warning to Nikolas. Someone frees Luke from his cell and he goes in search of Helena. She tries to warn him of a new Cassadine threat to both their families. Luke is knocked out from behind.


After the party, Sam sits on a stake out and Jason unexpectedly shows up to surprise her. Alexis is adamantly opposed to Sonny being involved in Kristina or Molly’s lives. Carly confirms that the memory Michael had of her while he was comatose is real, causing him to wonder if his memories of Claudia could be accurate as well. Elizabeth’s in turmoil over her feelings for Nikolas. Michael confronts Claudia about the memories of her he’s been having.


Jason ends up catching Maxie’s garter and Sam soon ends up with the bouquet on Monday, September 28.

A drunken Kate recognizes Dominic and approaches him but Olivia pulls her away before she blows his cover on Tuesday, September 29.

Kristina begs Sonny not to have a child he doesn’t want with Claudia on Wednesday, September 30.

Michael confronts Claudia about the memories of her he’s been having on Thursday, October 1.

Kristina asks Sam to help her get birth control, admitting she’s ready to sleep with Kiefer on Friday, October 2.

COMING SOON: Week of 10/05

Claudia forces Olivia to end things with Johnny. Sonny tells Claudia they won’t be having a baby after all. Lulu and Ethan set out to find Luke. Claudia won’t abandon her baby plans so easily. Olivia plans to take action against Claudia. Dominic’s faced with a tough dilemma. Jason, Sam and Spinelli team up to get the goods on Claudia. Michael can’t control his rage. Nikolas comes to Luke, Ethan and Lulu’s rescue. Claudia sets out to seduce Dominic. Sonny questions Olivia’s reason for breaking up with Johnny. Carly clashes with Alexis over Michael. Dominic’s determined to bust Sonny at all costs. Robin’s plan to spice up her marriage ends in disaster. Lucky catches Sam somewhere she shouldn’t be.

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