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AMC Spoilers: Week of September 28

Adam learns everyone has a price that will make them do what you want.

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Wanting to prove Annie shot Stuart, Zach allows Aidan to help him find the truth. Liza suspects Aidan and Zach are up to something when she finds Aidan at Zach’s. Liza informs Zach she has arranged for the District Attorney to meet with Kendall in jail to discuss legal matters. Liza is stunned when Kendall comes out of hiding. Liza becomes angry when she realizes what has been going on and denies the accusation she wants Zach for herself. Kendall doesn’t trust Liza to keep her secret. Liza goes to the jail to meet with the D.A. and has a few moments to discuss the game plan with the Kendall impostor. Kendall and Zach have a heart to heart talk and she tells him she is afraid she is going to lose him. Liza is able to divert the D.A. and keep Kendall’s secret. Zach and Kendall end up closer than they’ve been in a long time.


Annie dances with Scott, as Adam watches them on television. While they dance, Annie tries to seduce Scott, who ends their dance abruptly. Annie maintains her innocence as Adam tells her what Ryan told him. Annie claims Ryan is twisting her words to make her look guilty. Cops arrive to take Annie home and she apologies to Adam for jumping to the wrong conclusions. Adam seems to enjoy the games he and Annie play with each other. Ryan asks Scott to help him prove Annie shot Stuart, but Scott turns him down. Adam and Annie find out her trial is scheduled to start right away. The courtroom is surprised by Ryan’s plea not to send Annie to prison. Ryan warns Annie her nightmare is about to begin. Annie lets Ryan know she is suspicious of him and knows he’s up to something. Annie is sentenced to a 6 month sentence in an out-patient facility, thanks to Adam, who has the judge in his pocket. While snooping around the Chandler mansion, Aidan finds the surveillance tape of Annie kissing JR and Scott. Scott wants nothing more than to get Annie out of their lives for good.


Amanda’s moved when she overhears David voicing his love for her and Trevor. Tad and Krystal encourage Jake to fight for Amanda. Tad urges Amanda to come over and talk to Jake in person after Jake refuses to take her call. Krystal tries to get Amanda to see that David is manipulating her. Amanda tries to mend the fences between her and Jake when she goes to the hospital to see him, but they just cannot get past their differences. To prove something to Jake and Amanda, Krystal asks Tad for another chance.


Erica and Ryan have their first fight, but things heat up on the dance floor and they make up. Angie thinks Natalia and Brot make a good couple. Brot and Natalia win the dance marathon. Erica and Ryan agree they would be open to going to the next level in their relationship. Brot tells Natalia he is going to enroll in the police academy. After meeting with another cancer patient, JR decides to shave his head, taking control of his own life. Adam assumes JR has been drinking again, not knowing his son has cancer; Madison comes to JR’s defense. Madison tries to commit suicide and is rushed to the hospital. Angie is offered an incriminating tape of Randi, but Madison wants enough pills to take her own life in return.


Scott turns Ryan down when he broaches the idea of working together to prove Annie shot Stuart on Monday, September 28.

Tad and Krystal urge Jake to fight for Amanda on Tuesday, September 29

Ryan surprises everyone when he makes a plea on Annie’s behalf at her trial on Wednesday, September 30

Zach and Kendall end up closer than they’ve been in a long time on Thursday, October 1

Madison is rushed into the emergency room after overdosing on pills on Friday, October 2

COMING SOON: Week of 10/05

Angie refuses to give Madison what she wants. Liza comes face to face with Stuart’s birth mother. Tad can’t bring himself to reconcile with Krystal. Jake and Amanda try to work things out. Liza sets out to do the right thing. Jesse overhears Madison confessing to murder. Annie leaves Ryan with a warning. Aidan, Kendall and Zach make their move against Annie. Liza has a fight on her hands. Annie refuses to tell Aidan all she knows. Jesse tells Zach he’s crossed the line. Liza has a surprising proposal for Bailey. Aidan isn’t falling for Annie’s act. Amanda questions David about the future. Emma’s ready to spill the beans.

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