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DAYS Previews: Week of September 28


DAYS Spoilers: Week of September 28

Carly Manning returns to Salem!



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The Truth Is Out!

EJ confronts Nicole as she does her best to cover her story. They soon end up back in Salem where they discover Kate at the DiMera mansion. Nicole is shocked she married Stefano and confronts EJ who admits to knowing. Nicole pleads with Stefano in private for help explaining what happened with Brady on the phone.

Nicole meets Brady in the park where she asks him to once again lie for her. This time she wants him to admit he was using when he called, he agrees eventually to help her. Nicole then brings up her miscarriage unaware that the conversation has been taped. Brady goes to EJ and tells him the story. However after he leaves EJ confronts Nicole with not only the tape, but her fake pregnancy belly as well.

Well, Half The Truth Is Out…

Chad goes to see Mia but witness her with Brady. After he leaves Chad overhears Mia beg Will not to tell anyone about the baby she gave up. Chad, shocked, confronts her. He asks for information on where the baby is now so he can find her. Will walks in on the fighting and Chad leaves. Will leaves to seek advice and Mia takes off after Chad with a plan. She offers to get back with Chad if he leaves their child alone.

Will turns to Sami and tells her everything he knows about Mia having a baby. Later, Mia runs into Sami at the Brady Pub and finds out Will told her about her having a baby. Using this as a reason, Mia breaks up with will then reconnects with Chad. Sami then tries to talk Mia into forgiving Will as he finds out from Chad that Mia is now dating him again.


Arianna & Sami have a face off about Rafe as he wakes up chained to a pipe. Meredith reveals that she plans to torture and kill him for taking her sister away from her. After she bashes him in the head with a brick she takes his blackberry, sending an e-mail to Arianna & Sami explaining that he needed to get out of Salem. The girls get the e-mail and call a truce; however Arianna then bumps into Meredith. Arianna finds out from Roman that Sami had Meredith investigated and tries to track her down. At the end of the week Meredith throws Rafe’s body off the pier.

Chloe agreed to marry Daniel and turns to Father Matt to help her with an annulment as Daniel confronts Victor about his hatred and treatment of Chloe. Victor agrees to treat her with respect however he has a plan to break them apart.

Maggie tells Nathan that Melanie still has feelings for Philip and tells him it may not be smart to date her. Melanie overhears and confronts Maggie about why she would talk about her behind her back and Maggie informs Melanie she’s also looking out for her feelings as well. Meanwhile Stephanie goes to see Philip, where Victor is worried she’s getting her hooks back into him. Philip admits to Stephanie that he sees no point in being good Victor then shares a heart to heart with his son leading Philip to Melanie’s doorstep where Maggie confronts him on his treatment of Melanie.


Monday, September 28, 2009 – Arianna confronts Sami about Rafe.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 – Chad confronts Mia about keeping his child a secret.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 – Rafe struggles to break free from Meredith’s basement.

Thursday, October 1, 2009 – Melanie confronts Maggie.

Friday, October 2, 2009 – Carly Manning returns to Salem!

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