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GH Previews: Week of September 21


GH Spoilers: Week of September 21

Dominic discovers Jax knows the truth.

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A resourceful Spinelli finds the perfect location for the wedding. Maxie having second thoughts about marrying Spinelli, tries to come up with an excuse but can’t come up with one. The plans for the wedding are going smoothly, except for the cold feet the bride and groom are having. Robin advises Maxie about the ins and out of marriage, while Jason tries to ease Spinelli’s jitters. Maxie decides the only thing for her to do, is to go through with the wedding. Everyone meets for the wedding rehearsal and Mac has a difficult time making it through the mock ceremony. Maxie confesses to Jason, she’s not sure she wants to get married and is overheard by Spinelli. Sam and Jason decide to go to the wedding together. Even though Maxie suffers from a nightmare about getting married, she is looking forward to happiness with Spinelli. Robin and Lulu help Maxie get ready for her walk down the aisle. Mac comes to grips with the fact Spinelli is about to become a part of the family. When reciting the vows to Maxie, Spinelli puts his special spin on things to make it interesting.


Ronnie visits with Dominic at the hospital and gives him the police badge as a reminder of why he’s in Port Charles. Lulu comes back to the room and sees the police badge Ronnie gave to Dominic. Dominic spins a tale about the badge when she begins asking questions about it. Jax asks Dominic to move in with he and Carly once he is released from the hospital. Sonny stops by and is on the verge of discovering Dominic’s police badge. Jax tells Dominic the truth about him knowing Dominic is a police officer who is undercover to bring down Sonny. Dominic decides to recuperate at Greystone with Sonny and Claudia.


Sonny tells Jason he’s taken care of the Anthony situation by threatening Johnny if Anthony ever came after the family again. Jason disagrees with Sonny’s neutralizing tactic and wonders if he did it to keep Johnny away from Olivia. Claudia is not happy to overhear Sonny making threats towards Johnny, but convinces Sonny she understands why he is using Johnny to keep Anthony at bay. Claudia uses Sonny’s guilt to her advantage when she tells him why she wants to have a child with him. The discussion soon leads to them making love. Claudia makes sure Carly knows her place in Sonny’s life when she tells Carly about the plans on having another baby with Sonny.


Jason and Carly try to ease Michael’s concerns about remembering what happened to him. Nikolas tries to pay Ethan to take Rebecca away from him. Olivia tells Johnny they cannot see each other anymore, but Johnny is not giving up on their relationship. After making love with Lucky, Elizabeth struggles with her guilt. Olivia gives Elizabeth advice about marrying Lucky, later Elizabeth encounters Nikolas at Jake’s. Sam begins to suspect there is something off kilter with Keifer.


Claudia overhears Sonny’s threat against Johnny on Monday, September 21.

Elizabeth confesses to Olivia that she slept with Nikolas on Tuesday, September 22.

Robin tries to ease Maxie’s fears about marriage on Wednesday, September 23.

Jax reveals to Dominic he knows the truth about him and admits he hopes Dominic brings Sonny down on Thursday, September 24.

Everyone gathers for Maxie and Spinelli’s wedding on Friday, September 25.

COMING SOON: Week of 9/28

Maxie’s wedding takes an unexpected turn. Robin and Patrick play matchmaker. Johnny and Olivia declare their love for each other. Claudia discovers Olivia’s secret. Jason surprises Sam on her stakeout. Lulu and Ethan receive mysterious messages. Sonny sees just how troubled Kristina really is. Ethan and Lulu set off to find Luke. Helena tries to contact Nikolas. Sonny wants answers from Johnny. Michael confronts Claudia. Olivia fears Claudia knows her secret. Claudia confronts Olivia with the truth about Dominic. Kristina turns to Sam for help. Sonny has a mission for Dominic.

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