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GH Previews: Week of September 14


GH Spoilers: Week of September 14

It’s a week of choices for Elizabeth. Will she make the right ones — or the wrong ones?

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Elizabeth is hesitant to accept Lucky’s marriage proposal and tells him she needs more time to decide. She goes to see Nikolas and admits she has feelings for him. Passion ignites between Nikolas and Elizabeth, and they make love. Afterwards, Elizabeth insists they can never be together like that again but cannot deny her feelings towards Nikolas when he asks her. Elizabeth goes back to Lucky and says yes to his marriage proposal. Lucky pays Nikolas a visit and announces Elizabeth has accepted his marriage proposal. Nikolas tries to hide his true feelings as he congratulates his brother. When he encounters Elizabeth on the docks, Elizabeth receives a bittersweet congratulations from Nikolas. Lucky and Elizabeth decide to go to couples therapy to ensure their marriage will last, but Elizabeth can’t stop thinking about Nikolas. When Lucky tells Elizabeth, Nikolas is having a romantic dinner with Rebecca, jealousy raises it’s ugly head in Elizabeth. Patrick notices Elizabeth isn’t quite as happy as she should be when she tells him, she and Lucky are getting married again. Ethan asks Lucky to stop Nikolas from hurting Rebecca.


Claudia pays Anthony a visit in prison, confronting him about putting Johnny in danger and ultimately getting him shot. After a successful surgery, Johnny is grilled by Jason, who wants to know everything about Claudia. Before leaving, Claudia vows to make Anthony pay for getting Johnny shot. When she gets to Johnny’s hospital room, Olivia is there with him. Claudia clashes with Olivia about she being in Johnny’s life.

Olivia visits with Dominic and urges him not to take down Sonny, but he refuses. Olivia returns to Johnny’s room and warns him to not trust Dominic. Claudia and Sonny agree that Anthony must pay for what he has done. Sonny tests Dominic’s loyalty by asking him if it came down to it, could he take out Johnny. Sonny warns Anthony not to make another move against him or Johnny will end up paying the ultimate price. Olivia is not sure what to do when she sees Dominic and Johnny together.


Michael confides in Sam that he is remembering things about when he was in a coma and believes Jax maybe involved in the shooting somehow. Sam tells Michael she will look into it and won’t tell Jason. Michael accuses Jax of being a part of the plot to kill Sonny, that ultimately put him in a coma. Claudia eavesdrops on Sam telling Jason that Michael is beginning to remember things from when he was in a coma.


Ethan asks Edward to try to deter Rebecca away from Nikolas. Maxie makes a confession to Robin about not wanting to get married, though she loves Spinelli. Jason asks Sam to spend the night with him and they are surprised to find Maxie, Spinelli, Robin, Patrick, Molly and Kristina in the living room the next morning.


A vengeful Claudia confronts Anthony after learning that Johnny got shot on Monday, September 14.

Jason asks Sam to spend the night with him on Tuesday, September 15.

Molly speaks with Jason alone, warning him not to break Sam’s heart again as Sam secretly eavesdrops on Wednesday, September 16.

Michael confronts Jax with his suspicions on Thursday, September 17.

Sonny warns Anthony that Johnny will pay the price should Anthony make another move against him on Friday, September 18.

COMING SOON: Week of 9/21

Jason questions Sonny’s motives. Michael remembers more about Claudia’s visits. Olivia tries to end things with Johnny. Claudia tells Sonny she wants to have a baby. Lucky tries to make a deal with Johnny. Elizabeth’s tortured over her feelings for Nikolas. Maxie’s desperate to find a way to call off the wedding. Olivia unleashes her anger on Sonny. Michael begins to question his memories. Jax offers to help Dominic take Sonny down. Johnny refuses to give up on Olivia. Michael remembers more about Claudia. Maxie and Spinelli’s wedding takes an unexpected turn. Dominic works to get closer to Lulu. Sam thinks something’s off in Kristina’s relationship with Kiefer.

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