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AMC Previews: Week of September 21


AMC Spoilers: Week of September 21

Aidan catches Zach and Kendall together, then makes a surprising confession.

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Amanda and Jake stage a fight, but takes a toll on the both of them. In order to get closer to Trevor, Jake flirts with the nanny. Jake prepares to taking off with Trevor, but Amanda stops him and convinces him running away, would only make things worse. Trevor’s nanny informs David what Jake is up to and races off to stop them. To everyone’s surprise, instead of pressing charges, he allows Jake to spend more time with Amanda and Trevor at Wildwind. David asks Amanda if she’s setting him up. After seeing David’s softer side, Amanda starts to rethink her game. Jake storms off when Amanda starts to defend David.


Annie informs Ryan that it was Emma who shot Stuart and she’s been trying to protect her all along. Ryan doesn’t buy her story, but pretends to believe Annie. Ryan tells Zach and Liza that he’s pretending to believe Annie’s claim and hoping to get a confession out of her. Zach’s temper flares when Ryan refuses his help in going after Annie. Ryan fills Erica in on his latest plan. Ryan follows a teary Annie to the rooftop, hoping she’ll talk.


Kendall reaches her breaking point after seeing Liza and Zach kiss on TV. Kendall sneaks out and heads to ConFusion. Aidan catches Zach and Kendall together. Aidan confesses to Zach and Kendall he figured out the whole scheme when he visited Kendall in prison and found a total stranger in her cell. Zach demands Kendall go back to the house with Aidan. Aidan accuses Kendall of being jealous of Zach and Liza. Liza lets Zach know she wants to be with him, which ends with a kiss. Zach pulls back from the kiss and Liza realizes that she’ll never win him away from Kendall.


After drinking Madison’s drugged water, Randi fears she’s losing her mind. Frankie follows Madison to the roof and threatens to jump off. Jesse tells Madison he knows it was her who killed North. Jesse demands that Madison leave town or he’ll send her to prison. Madison ignores Jesse’s demands and surprises Frankie when she shows up back at Fusion with a recording of Randi incriminating herself for murder. Madison blackmails Frankie into dancing with her at the dance.


Adam collapse on the dance floor. Scott gives Annie a taste of her own medicine. Liza severs all ties with Zach. Kendall narrowly avoids being spotted by Liza. Randi thinks her troubles could be over but Frankie isn’t as confident. Frankie calls Madison’s bluff. Ryan and Adam breakup Erica and Annie’s catfight. Taylor explains to Frankie and Jesse how Randi hit her.


Jake fears he’s going to lose Amanda on Monday, September 21.

Aidan accuses Kendall of being jealous of Liza on Tuesday, September 22

Angie threatens to physically attack Madison on Wednesday, September 23

Annie begs Ryan to protect her on Thursday, September 24

Krystal wonders if Tad can ever forgive her for everything she’s done on Friday, September 25

COMING SOON: Week of 9/28

Adam tells Annie about Ryan’s accusations. Amanda suspects David is up to something. Scott won’t help Ryan take Annie down. Sparks fly between Ryan and Erica. Zach agrees to work with Aidan. Annie learns her fate in court. Kendall accuses Liza of wanting Zach for herself. Krystal tries to open Amanda’s eyes about David. Annie warns Scott not to make trouble for her. Madison has a tempting offer for Angie. Liza panics at the thought of losing her son.

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