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AMC Previews: Week of September 14


AMC Spoilers: Week of September 14

Jesse threatens Madison to stay away from his family.

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Separately, Jesse and Angie urge Randi and Frankie to fight for their marriage. Frankie is shocked when Randi confesses that she wants a divorce. After talking things out, the two happily reconcile. Frankie and Madison, get into a heated argument. Frankie is reinstated at the hospital, but things turn for the worse, when he re-injures his hand, defending himself from Madison. As she takes a strike at Frankie again, Madison has a flashback. Madison drugs a bottle of water meant for Frankie, but someone else becomes the victim.


Zach continues his plan to get close to Annie. Zach arranges a visit with Annie and Emma. Zach overhears Emma telling Annie she won’t say anything to anyone about the night of the shooting. Liza’s feelings for Zach continue to grow. Meanwhile, Spike tells Liza that his mommy is living behind the wall, but Zach convinces Liza, he’s using his imagination. Kendall pulls Spike into the secret room, after he runs off. As Liza is searching for Spike, she ends up outside the hollow panel leading to the secret room. Kendall’s jealousy of Liza grows. Kendall calls Zach’s cell phone, but Liza answer. Zach quickly grabs the phone and hangs up, angering her further.


Ryan and Erica have a dance marathon to raise money for starving children. The two are stunned when Adam shows up with Annie in tow. Adam plays devil’s advocate with Erica and Ryan. Kendall sees red when she learns that Zach and Liza are dance partners. As she watches the two, she wonders if Zach and her still have a future. Taylor covers her hurt, when Tad say’s he can’t be her dance partner. Erica fakes an injury to give Ryan the chance to become Annie’s new dance partner. Annie gives Ryan a warning.


Jesse threatens Madison to stay away from his family. Annie panics when Adam wishes he’d remember more of the night Stuart was shot. Amanda tells Jake she plans on making David fall in love with her and then go in for the kill. Madison lurks in the shadows at the event. JR and Marissa admit they’re falling in love with each other and make love. Randi mistakes Taylor for Madison. Adam admits to Scott he’s not sure if Kendall shot Stuart.


Frankie’s reinstated at the hospital after meeting with the board on Monday, September 14.

JR jumps to the wrong conclusion when he sees Marissa and Scott in an embrace on Tuesday, September 15

Amanda tells Jake she plans on making David fall in love with her and then go in for the kill on Wednesday, September 16

Ryan gets a rise out of Annie when he tells her there’s no chance she’ll ever get custody of Emma on Thursday, September 17

Adam admits to Scott he’s not sure if Kendall shot Stuart on Friday, September 18

COMING SOON: Week of 9/21

Annie confesses her secret to Ryan. Kendall takes action when she sees Liza kissing Zach. Randi can’t believe what she’s done. Aidan catches Kendall and Zach together. Jesse accuses Madison of murder. Ryan tells Erica what he’s really up to with Annie. Madison gives Frankie her demands. Annie clashes with Erica. Liza puts the moves on Zach. Jake wants to go on the run with Amanda and Trevor. Liza tells Zach she’s cutting all ties with him. Madison makes trouble for Natalia. Jake doesn’t buy David’s act. Adam questions Annie’s innocence. Annie accuses Scott of wanting her.

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