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AMC Previews: Week of September 7


AMC Spoilers: Week of September 7

Tension remains at an all time high between Frankie and Randi.

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Madison continues to antagonize Frankie. Tension remains at an all time high between Frankie and Randi. Frankie and Randi have a heated argument and Frankie walks away. Frankie ends up at the casino, while Jesse urges him to go back to Randi. Frankie refuses to leave the casino and gets drunk with Madison. Angie’s out for blood when Jesse tells her and Randi what happened with Frankie and heads off to confront Madison. Angie and Randi assume the worst when they arrive at the casino.

Kendall insists to Zach and Jesse that Emma is the key to getting the good on Annie. Meanwhile, Zach continues to try and gain Annie’s trust. Annie starts to open up but soon shuts down when she suspects he is up to something. Zach informs Kendall that he is making progress with Annie. Liza urges Zach to use Emma to get to Annie. Zach tempts Annie by offering to arrange a visit with Emma. Ryan accuses Annie of taking Emma.


Jake is furious at David for not allowing him to see Trevor and Amanda. David makes it clear to Amanda that Jake is not allowed anywhere near her or Baby Trevor. Opal and Krystal stage a distraction for David, so Amanda and Jake can have some alone time. Meanwhile, the two are almost caught by David after making love. Amanda assures Jake that she loves him and only him.


Scott and Annie end up in a heated kiss. Marissa Jake gives Amanda a wedding ring. Brot and Taylor reflect on how their lives changed after 9/11. Liza confesses to Tad that she wants to be with Zach. JR confesses to Marissa. Adam spies on Scott and Annie. Amanda sees David’s genuine love for his son. Erica receives bad news regarding New Beginnings.


Re-Airing of 6/29/09 episode on Monday, September 7.

Adam spies on a close moment between Scott and Annie on Tuesday, September 8

Jake’s furious that David is keeping him away from Trevor and Amanda on Wednesday, September 9

Erica refuses to cave in to the network’s demands and loses her job on Thursday, September 10

Tad admits to Liza he’s afraid to get involved with anyone on Friday, September 11

COMING SOON: Week of 9/14

Zach takes Emma to the mansion to see Annie. Frankie and Randi reconcile. Jesse threatens to kill Madison. Adam remembers more about the night Stuart was shot. Zach is determined to uncover Annie’s secret. JR jumps to the wrong conclusion about Scott and Marissa. Amanda tells Jake why she’s letting herself get closer to David. Jesse thinks Madison could have killed North. Kendall wonders if she and Zach have a future together. Erica and Ryan’s dance marathon gets underway. JR and Marissa admit they’re falling in love. Annie knows what Ryan’s really up to. Randi falls victim to Madison’s revenge plot. Adam begins to have doubts about Kendall’s guilt. Frankie and Jesse find an unconscious Taylor.

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