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DAYS Previews: Week of September 7


DAYS Spoilers: Week of September 7

Hope has been taken hostage! Who will be the one to save her?



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Hope brings Dean over and informs Bo she is paying him the reward money. Angry, Bo storms out. Later Hope brings Ciara down stairs and when Dean flicks his Zippo she freezes in terror, leading Hope to realize Dean is the third accomplice. Meanwhile Bo and Justin get into it over Hope, causing Victor to intervene. Hope tries to back away from Dean but when Bo calls and leaves a message about a lead they got on the third suspect Dean sees the fear in Hope’s eyes and pulls a gun.

Justin arrives to talk with Hope and she signals that she’s been taken hostage. He leaves, and Dean goes into why he hates Hope until Justin barges in from the back tackling him, leading to the gun going off. Justin is able to call Bo before passing out and Bo overhears Dean threaten Hope. Bo and the police rush the house and save Hope. However, after Dean is taken away the emotional gap between Bo and Hope remains.


When Sami walks in the door Nicole claims to be sick and runs to the restroom with Rafe right behind her. Alone, Nicole is able to flush the letter and then takes off. Nicole is able to get Mia’s letter as well. Tension grows between Sami and Rafe when she questions him on what’s going on and he claims nothing. When Sami confronts Nicole, she urges her to keep her distance from Rafe, something Roman echoes when he visits her. Meanwhile, after Rafe learns from Sister Theresa about the night Grace was born, he drags Nicole back to the nunnery.

When they arrive they find that Sister Theresa has been called away. Meanwhile, EJ and Sami have a run in at the park. When he finds out she watched Sydney he goes ballistic causing Brady to intervene on Sami’s behalf leading the two to bond over heartbreak. Stefano then informs Nicole that he had Sister Theresa taken care of.


Victor gathers information on Arianna before confronting her. During the confrontation he forces her to admit she is a dealer, and then forces her end things with Brady. Brady soon shows up and Arianna breaks up with him. After a talk with Ari, Melanie tells Bray that if she claimed she didn’t love him, she was lying. Later in the week she meets with Roman, asking to be let go because she can’t do this anymore.

Brady is able to get the sex tape off the web, but its too late. Stephanie confronts Melanie, who tries to defend herself when Steph accuses her of posting it. Philip tries to get Steph to listen to him, but she refuses. Melanie turns to Brady, denying she is in love with Philip, before going home to face Nathan. Philip then shows up, and the two hug.

Chad faces the wrath of Maggie until Mia shows up, covering for him. Will ends up reading Mia’s diary and breaks up with her after learning she has feelings for Chad. Mia then lashes out at Casey, blaming him. Will, meanwhile, confides in Maggie.


Monday, September 7, 2009 – Pre-empted

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 – Nicole thinks she is in the clear.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 – Philip asks Bo for help.

Thursday, September 10, 2009 – Brady and Sami bond over having been hurt.

Friday, September 11, 2009 – It’s revealed that Arianna is working for Roman.

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