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GL Spoilers: Week of September 7

Alan makes a selfless decision to help save Phillip.

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  • Jeffrey and Edmund meet again.
  • Phillip goes in for surgery—with Alan right next to him.
  • Jonathan makes a big decision.


Shayne helps Marina decorate for Henry’s birthday party. Marina finds Mallet’s SPD badge in her bag and she is reminded of him. Mallet receives his assignment and he will be going to a small town on the Austrian border. When Shayne admires Henry’s hands, he thinks the boy will become a ball player when he grows up. Henry receives a phone call from Mallet, and he wishes Henry a happy birthday. Marina is overwhelmed with emotion by Mallet’s phone call and rushes out. Frank thinks having a party for Henry is rushing things for Marina, but Buzz thinks otherwise and it will be good for her. Frank tells Shayne he is proud of him for stepping into the role of father and that he is a good man. Shayne and Marine bring Henry into a room filed with family just when Buzz, dressed as a clown, begins to make balloon animals for everyone. Henry has help blowing out the birthday candles. Meanwhile, Mallet has gotten lost on his way to his new post and encounters Dinah who is broken down along side the road. Mallet tells her, he is no longer with Marina and he believes it was Dinah who led everyone to where they are suppose to be.

Josh gets a surprise visit from Jonathan. Reva tells Blake she’s feeling better but she knows she could fall apart at any given moment. Blake tells her, she understands what she’s going through. Reva is determined to get over the loss of Jeffrey.

Before Jeffrey can get a shot off at Edmund, he runs into a warehouse and Jeffrey takes chase. Jeffrey tells Edmund his plan on killing him and Edmund reminds him, he has his eye on everyone in Springfield. Reva is surprised when Jonathan shows up with Sarah and then he receives a call from Jeffrey telling him to be careful Edmund is watching everyone in Springfield.

Alan has a series of dreams and comes to the conclusion he needs to help keep Phillip alive. The family is stunned when they hear Alan is going to help Phillip. Alan and Phillip share a moment of emotion as they lie on gurneys next to each other at the hospital. Alan and Phillip take the opportunity to speak with each of their family members before the procedure is performed. James doesn’t understand Phillip’s reasons for letting Alan help him. Lizzie calls Alan a brave man and a hero for helping Phillip. Phillip asks Bill to take care of everyone in case something were to happen to both he and Alan. The two are prepped for the procedure and the waiting begins for the family.

Natalia wants Olivia to help her pick out names for the baby. Olivia reminds her, she wants to take things slow and Natalia understands but she wants Olivia to be a part of the baby’s life. Olivia agrees to help them pick out baby names. Frank has learned Chief Wolfe has quit his job and Frank decides he is going to run for the position.

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