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AMC Spoilers: Week of October 19

The truth shall set you free.


Alone with Annie, Emma charades of pretending to sleep are over as she opens up her eyes. Annie informs Emma that she should never reveal what really happened the night Stuart was murdered to anyone. Ryan fails to get Emma to open up to him. Annie panics when she realizes when Emma is released from the hospital, her visiting days are over. Annie continues to manipulate Emma, while Ryan vows to get the truth from his daughter. Emma shocks Ryan by telling him she wants to move into the mansion with Annie. Ryan beats Annie to her own game, suggesting that Annie move in with him and Emma at the loft. Emma isn’t exactly jumping for joy when she learns Annie is marrying Adam.


The Hubbards all react differently to the news that Madison died suddenly. Jesse urges Frankie to let go of the guilt, and be happy with Randi. Randi the ugly past stays buried once and for all. Madison’s father pays a surprise visit to The Hubbards. Madison’s father hands the incriminating tapes over and admits Madison confessed to killing North and blackmailing The Hubbards.


Amanda claims it was Aidan who knocked out David, but later comes clean. Amanda tells David why she lied. David surprises Amanda when he recants his claim about seeing Kendall when Jesse arrives. David shocks Amanda when he says that he’ll consider sharing custody of Trevor but it’s not going to be easy as she thinks.


Kendall and Aidan hide out in an abandoned chapel in the country. Kendall becomes worried when Aidan’s condition deteriorates. Zach is grateful to Jesse for continuing to give false leads about Kendall and Aidan’s whereabouts. JR proposes to Marissa and the two ask Tad to marry them. Brot gives Natalia advice in the wake of her having shot Aidan. JR begins to wonder if Scott knows who shot Stuart.


Zach vows to get to the truth out of Annie on Monday, October 19.

Zach is puzzled by Scott on Tuesday, October 20

JR and Marissa exchange vows while Tad performs the ceremony on Wednesday, October 21

Liza asks Bailey if she’s going to take Stuart away from her on Thursday, October 22

Emma warns Annie that she’ll tell the truth if she marries Adam on Friday, October 23

COMING SOON: Week of 10/26

Zach presses Adam for the truth. Scott warns Annie that Adam is starting to remember things. Amanda contemplates David’s latest proposition. Natalia’s on a mission to track down Kendall and Aidan. Jake assures Amanda he’ll stand by her no matter what. Marissa’s left shaken by David’s warning. Kendall and Aidan dodge a bullet. Jesse has his hands full with Natalia. Emma does an about face where Adam is concerned. Liza questions David’s motives. A PV resident has a revealing memory of the murder. Scott and Annie end up in a kiss.

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