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OLTL Spoilers: Week of October 19

Marty hypnotizes Blair.

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Per Todd’s suggestion, Marty places Blair under hypnosis and she remembers that Tea has a child with Todd. Blair insists Marty keep the information between them and threatens to sue if she violates doctor/patient privilege. Blair also drops kidnapping charges against Ross and gleefully observes Todd’s jealous reaction. Blair asks Todd to stay when they return to Dorian’s. Ross admits to his brother, Eli that he’s starting to fall for Blair. Meanwhile, Tea is doing damage control, but not very well. She tries to pay Ross off to get him to back away from their child but he refuses, and she is surprised to learn that Eli is Ross’s brother. Tea and Rachel make amends, after which, Rachel explains her dilemma with the Evans brothers. Tea also shares her secret and explains why she never told Todd about their child. Eli vows to help Ross find his child.


Bo, Nora and Matthew arrive in London. Nora dares Matthew to go ahead and tell Kevin about the kiss she and Bo shared, but Matthew can’t bring himself to hurt Clint. Bo and Nora examine the extent to which they’ve damaged their relationship with their son. Destiny is surprised to learn that Matthew’s surgery was canceled and he never arrived in Seattle. Kevin takes Matthew to his new boarding school and he meets his new roommate. Destiny tells David that she’s worried about Matthew. Matthew manages to get a call through to Destiny, but he is interrupted.


When Starr and Langston back her into a corner, Dorian admits her engagement to Amelia is only a campaign tactic. Dorian and Amelia try to convince Starr and Langston that their ends justify their means. Amelia reveals the scheme she and Nick hatched to hold a mass gay wedding ceremony to generate national media coverage for Dorian’s campaign. Oliver is deeply hurt when he witnesses Kyle accepting Nick’s marriage proposal. Roxy challenges Kyle’s decision because she’s convinced he’s still in love with Fish. David and Dorian take a stroll down memory lane, but David is prevented from declaring his love when Amelia calls.


John and Natalie arrive at the Buchanan lodge expecting to find Jared, but instead discover Pamela Stuart’s lifeless body. Jared is gone but he left behind his wallet. Brody and Jessica inform Viki and Charlie that Jared confessed to Natalie. Brody’s sister, Nadine, calls in need of his help, luring him away from Jessica. Jessica gets a call and thinks she heard Nash’s voice. Oliver’s crushed when John tells him he’s been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the complaint Eli filed against him over the incident with Ross. Rex dodges his first couples counseling to help Natalie find Jared and a discouraged Gigi finds comfort at a concert with Schuyler. Kim sets her sights on Clint. Mrs. Evans demands that Greg step aside and give Shaun a clear path to Rachel’s heart. Cris kisses Layla, but Layla tells him she can’t betray Evangeline.


Natalie and John find Jared’s wallet and Pamela’s dead body on Monday, October 19.

Bo and Nora fear they’ve done irrevocable damage to their relationship with Matthew on Tuesday, October 20.

Marty warns Blair that she’s headed down a dangerous path by not coming forward with the truth on Wednesday, October 21.

Gigi accepts Schuyler’s invitation to go to a concert. Kim sets out to snag a rich Buchanan onThursday, October 22.

Jessica thinks she hears Nash’s voice when she picks up the phone on Friday, October 23.

COMING SOON: Week of 10/26

Tea lets Todd believe the worst about her. Jessica is haunted by a voice from beyond the grave. Ross plays along with Blair’s lies. John realizes Natalie no longer trusts him. Rex and Natalie set out to track down Jared. Cristian and Layla are both miserable over not being able to be together. Rex and Natalie get a lead on Jared’s whereabouts. Danger looms for Jessica and Brody. Kyle can’t get his mind off Oliver. Blair continues to work her charms on Todd. Bo and Nora fall into a kiss. Ross is a man on a mission. Bo makes a major confession to Nora. Tea panics after learning Ross is headed straight for their daughter. Dorian gets cold feet on her wedding day. Couples who yearn to be together but can’t be lose themselves in their fantasies.

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