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ATWT Previews: Week of October 19


ATWT Spoilers: Week of October 19

Katie and her unborn child are in danger. When the week is over…someone won’t come out alive.


  • Jack learns of Rosanna and Craig’s affair.
  • Katie goes into labor.
  • Liberty is dealt a devastating blow.
  • Henry tries to fix his mistakes.


Audrey’s plan to kill Barbara is thwarted by Henry, who tackles Barbara so she doesn’t have a chance to drink her poisoned drink. Audrey is then arrested for attempted murder. After getting nothing from Rosanna and Craig, Jack confronts Parker about the fishy situation between the former lovers. Parker admits that Rosanna and Craig are having an affair. Meanwhile, Craig has second thoughts about giving Parker access to his trust fund and eventually cuts him off, vowing to come clean about his infidelity when Carly returns. Little does he know that takin away Parker’s access to his trust fund has ruined Parker’s plans to fund Liberty’s new apartment. Liberty feels overwhelmed; Janet is deadset on raising her grandchild and Paul and Emily, wanting Liberty to get away for a while, set up a place for her to stay in Malibu. Later, Liberty suffers a crushing loss, followed by another. Lucinda and Damian have very differing plans about how to handle Holden and Lily’s reconciliation.


When Henry announces he’s leaving, Katie takes it upon herself to confront Ralph. Her brave belief that he’ll never hurt a pregnant woman is crushed when Ralph’s goons haul her to a warehouse, and run off to join another gang. Meanwhile, Barbara has heard from Henry of the kidnapping and agrees to unfreeze Henry’s inheritance so he can pay off Ralph before the mobster kills Katie. Ralph admits he doesn’t know where his guys took Katie, since they won’t answer his calls. Henry takes the check back and goes to stall at the co-ed baby shower Brad has set up for his wife. Meanwhile, Katie is guided to an escape route by visions of Henry, Craig and Margo, Brad, and her future son. However, her necklace gets hung, the chain breaks, and it ends up falling outside. Katie feels a pain and realizes she’s going into labor. When the search for Katie comes to a horrifying conclusion, one person won’t come out alive.


  • A shaken Jack leaves Oakdale.
  • Noah’s film bothers Luke.
  • Rosanna and Craig prepare to come clean with Carly.
  • A stranger’s proposal flatters Emily.
  • Mike Kasnoff returns.
  • Hunter gives Maddie an interesting offer.
  • Holden comes to a decision about his marriage.

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