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Interviews from the Set of NBC’s ‘Days of our Lives’


Molly was born and raised outside Denver, Colorado where her parents and younger brother still reside.

Growing up, Molly found her second home in the Denver community theater world with roles including Dotty in Noises Off, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mayzie in Seussical and Annie in Annie. In high school, Molly was selected for her school’s elite a capella jazz ensemble, and was selected to perform in the Colorado All State Choir, All State Jazz Choir, and the National Honor Choir in Los Angeles. She was also a proud member of her high school’s speech and debate team, competing in the humorous interpretation division, eventually going on to compete and place at the national tournament. Proving that the homecoming princess can be a speech and debate nerd!

After graduating with honors from high school, she moved across the country to New York City. Molly quickly realized that while her heart remained in the Big Apple, she needed to be in Hollywood to realize her dream of acting in television and film. She made the trek west, staying with her best friend in Orange County. Molly wasted no time in finding an agent and manager. Appointments quickly followed for leads in television shows and films. In short time she found her way into the casting office of Days of our Lives and so began this exciting chapter of her acting career. “I owe them so much for taking a chance on me. I fell in love the second I stepped on the lot. It just confirmed everything I had always known, that this is what I need to be doing.” –Bio Courtesy

Melanie, as of right now, is torn between Philip — the bad boy and Nathan — the good boy. How do you feel about that?

I love it. I love both of them because as an actor you get to be one way with one guy and a completely different way with another guy. Jay and Mark both bring a…with Mark it’s more of a comical back and forth, more fun, playful thing and with Jay it’s more of like a serious, mysterious, sexy kind of tug of war battle. As actors that’s so much fun to play with. I love them both. I think Melanie’s heart’s with Philip because he’s been there from the beginning, he accepts her for who she is, but she also wants to be a better person and that’s what Nathan brings. She’s really torn.

So Melanie lives with Maggie and they have a really strong bond. I think that’s a big reason fans have come around to Melanie. Was it hard filming the scenes where Maggie was angry at Melanie?

Yeah. I mean, Suzanne is like my mom. We just had a scene yesterday where she just started crying, like we both started crying out of nowhere, in the middle of a scene. I love her so much, in real life I adore her so much and she’s so talented and having her yell — she would yell and they would yell cut and she would go, “Oh my God I didn’t mean any of it” and I’d say “it’s ok.” We have a bunch of scenes coming up that are really, really cool.

Recently you filmed a Disney sitcom, Good Luck Charlie, how was that different from a soap opera?

Well they take a bunch of takes and in soap operas it’s like rehearsal tape. You’re done, in the sitcom they are like yeah we want to do it again, we want you to do it this way. Then we tape in front of a live audience which is really cool. It’s called Good Luck Charlie and I kind of play a little troublemaker, I cheat on him with a paper boy…or no, the pizza guy.

Do you ever get recognized from your role on True Blood?

I’ve never been recognized from True Blood. Well surprisingly casting directors will [recognize me from it] when I go to auditions.

What would you like to see happen with Melanie in the future?

There is a storyline coming up that I, um… I can’t say anything. I want to so bad. But I am so excited for that!

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