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AMC Previews: Week of November 30


AMC Spoilers: Week of November 30

Amanda confesses the truth to Jake.


After Amanda confesses to Jake that she slept with David, Jake has a hard time forgiving and walks out on her. David gets confirmation that he is not Trevor’s father. David is on the verge of telling Jake and Amanda the truth, but changes his mind after a tirade with Jake. Jake tells Amanda that it’s to painful to raise David’s son. Amanda unleashes her pain and anger on David and makes it clear she’ll never love him. Fearing Amanda will take Trevor away from him, David manipulates her into thinking he has six months to live.


Kat spins a story for Zach, claiming she noticed Kendall was falling in love with Aidan before they ran away together. Kat leaves Zach an envelope containing Kendall’s wedding ring. Scott decides to stay in Pine Valley and moves back into the gatehouse. Adam and Scott learn their fate at their arraignment.

Angie drops a bombshell on Liza. JR decides not to tell Marissa that his cancer has returned. Opal senses that Kendall could be in danger. Bailey tells Liza that she’s made a decision about Stuart. Krystal tells Tad her plans for the future. A drunken Zach tells Liza he wants a divorce. Bailey catches Liza off guard.


Jesse urges Zach to try and work things out with Kendall on Monday, November 30.

Jake rushes to Amanda’s side when Trevor is taken to the hospital for high fever on Tuesday, December 1

Liza pulls away from Zach’s kiss on Wednesday, December 2

Annie pleads not guilty on Thursday, December 3

Jake and Tad don’t buy David’s story on Friday, December 4

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