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ATWT Previews: Week of November 23


ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 23

Carly and Jack find themselves in bed together on Thanksgiving!


  • Simon returns to Oakdale.
  • Jack wakes up with Carly at his side
  • Luke wants to surprise Noah by finishing his movie.
  • Everyone gathers at the Snyder farm for Thanksgiving.


Jack insists Simon return home to Oakdale to help Katie but he is reluctant to do so. Jack replaces a piece of art painted by Simon, with a copy, and it is authenticated which infuriates Simon and brings him home to Oakdale. On Thanksgiving morning Jack wakes up in bed next to Carly, and cannot remember anything that happened. Teri and Janet are baking pies for Thanksgiving dinner, but Teri wants to help her sister by doing more than helping with pies. She goes to Dusty to recruit him to find Jack. After tracking him down, Dusty and Janet go to Pittsburgh to bring Jack home. When arriving at the motel room, they discover Carly and Jack in bed together. Without confronting Jack, Janet and Dusty return home to Oakdale for Thanksgiving dinner.

Katie not sleeping very well, asks her doctor to prescribe her sleeping pills, but the doctor is hesitant because she is the only caregiver to Jacob. When Katie runs into Henry who tells her Ralph received the maximum sentence in court, she asks him to babysit so she can get some sleep. She is about to take more then the recommended dose of an over the counter sleep aid, and the bottle is taken from her hand by Brad. She dismisses the incident and doesn’t take any more pills then what she has already taken. Henry’s loud voice wakes her up from her deep sleep and she goes to find out what is going on. Henry tells her he is talking to Brad and Katie reaches out to him but passes out from the effects of the sleep aid she has taken.

Craig and Rosanne stop by and announce their engagement, and Margo and Katie are less than thrilled by the news. Katie confides in Nancy and tells her about feeling Brad’s presence. Nancy assures Katie she is not losing her mind about feeling the presence of Brad. Kim offers Molly a job at the magazine, and Holden asks her to stay at the farm, regardless of how Lily will feel about Molly living there. Meg reminds Damian she has the upper hand because she knows his secret.

The Snyder farm is the place to be for everyone for Thanksgiving dinner. Lily and Damian come to dinner so the kids can be with the family, as does Teri and Dusty, and Jack arrives with Carly. Katie also joins the family for dinner and has a glimpse of Brad’s reflection in the kitchen window.

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