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AMC Previews: Week of November 23


AMC Spoilers: Week of November 23

Aidan pulls the wool over Zach’s eyes this week on ‘AMC’.


Zach watches as Aidan and Kendall make love, but it’s really Kendall’s look-a-like. Erica is alarmed when Zach tells her Kendall will never come home. Zach is on the warpath when he thinks Kendall has betrayed him once again. Kendall tries to contact Zach, while Aidan has no intention of allowing Kendall to reunite with Zach. Zach tells Liza that his marriage to Kendall is over for good. Tad tells Erica that he believes Kendall took off with Aidan and they might be heading to Los Angeles.

Scott makes sure Adam watches the DVD Annie made and gives him proof that Adam was the father of the baby she miscarried. Amanda confides in Angie that she slept with David willingly. Annie opens her eyes as Adam professes his love for her. Natalia tries to make Brot jealous. Marissa refuses to allow JR to turn his back on Adam. Scott and Annie are arrested. David receives some shocking news.


Annie remains in critical condition on Monday, November 23.

JR asks Liza to act as Adam’s attorney on Tuesday, November 24

David secretly has a DNA test performed on Wednesday, November 25

All My Children will re-air June 12, 2009 episode on Thursday, November 26

All My Children will be pre-empted on Friday, November 27

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