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AMC Previews: Week of November 16


AMC Spoilers: Week of November 16

Jake confirms Annie is pregnant and the news surprises many.


Ryan, Zach and Erica are taken by surprised when Jake confirms that Annie is indeed pregnant. The trio later start to plant the seeds of doubt with Adam as they lead him to believe that Scott might be the father of Annie’s baby. Scott tells Annie it might be best for his own well-being to keep his distance from the family. Annie gives Ryan a warning. Ryan gives Adam the dvd that shows Scott and Annie kissing. Adam sets a trap for Annie. Scott and Annie kiss again, but are they alone? Annie believes she has her tracks covered. Adam rips Annie a new one. Scott finds Annie in a pool of blood.


Ryan wonders why David has Greenlee’s medical records on his computer. Madison’s father summons Jesse, Frankie, Randi and Natalia. Madison asks Jesse to help her. Scott’s tortured by his desire for Annie. Amanda leaves Jake confused. JR rejects Adam when he asks him to come back into the family fold. Adam confesses to Jesse and the D.A. to having killed Stuart.

Aidan and Kat continue to manipulate Zach and Kendall. Zach suspects something is right and contacts Jesse. Aidan puts on a show in front of Kendall when he claims he’s afraid they’ll end up sleeping together again. Zach enlists Tad’s help in tracking down Kendall. Tad is confident he knows where Kendall and Aidan are, but refuses to share the information with Zach. Zach’s temper flares as he accuses Tad of withholding information from him. Aidan drugs Kendall’s wine in order to further his plan. Zach gets information where Kendall is, but gets an unexpected surprise when he arrives at the boarding house.


Amanda’s wrecked with guilt after having sex with David on Monday, November 16.

Zach tells Tad that he’ll bring Kendall home himself on Tuesday, November 17

David makes a cryptic phone call on Wednesday, November 18

Adam confronts Scott on Thursday, November 19

Jake suspects David raped Amanda on Friday, November 20

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