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OLTL Previews: Week of November 16


OLTL Spoilers: Week of November 16

Todd and Danielle come face to face.

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The truth begins to come out about Todd and Tea’s daughter. First Rachel urges Tea to tell Todd the truth. Todd calls Tea to tell her how he feels about her, but Blair rips the phone from him. Meanwhile, as Blair and Todd begin to kiss, Blair realizes Todd’s just not that into her and encourages him to go and find Tea. When Ross becomes menacing, Tea is forced to tell him that Danielle is really Todd’s child. Ross refuses to believe her, and begins to try and strangle the truth from her. Todd and Danielle come face to face, and when he learns she is Tea’s daughter, the alarms begin to go off in his head.


Natalie expresses her love and devotion before watching Jared’s body be taken away. Mitch torments John with his guilt over Jared’s death. Charlie attempts to strangle the life from Mitch. Bo and Nora learn Greg is optimistic about results of Matthew’s surgery. Rex confronts Roxy about his father. Bo and Nora begin to make love, but their guilt over Clint makes them pull back. Todd imagines Tea’s in his arms as he dances with Blair. The Napa police inform John that Mitch will not be extradited to Llanview for trial. Stacy and Kim learn that Gigi spent the night with Schuyler. Natalie dreams of Jared as she falls asleep. John and Marty make love. Blair has a change of heart regarding Todd. Tea finds Ross waiting in her hotel room. Dani and Todd come face to face on. Tea tells Ross the truth about Danielle’s father. Jessica confronts Mitch in jail. After Natalie’s tirade against John, she’s forced to admit she bears some responsibility for Jared’s death as well. Ross intends to hold on to his daughter, over Tea’s dead body. Roxy is shocked to learn that Mitch is alive when she overhears Natalie tell Rex that Mitch murdered Jared. Stacy is busted when Schuyler catches Kim helping her adjust her pregnancy padding.


Viki rushes in just as Charlie begins to strangle the life out of Mitch on Monday, November 16.

Todd imagines its Tea in his arms as he dances with Blair on Tuesday, November 17

John and Marty tenderly make love on Wednesday, November 18

Tea confesses the truth and tells a disbelieving Ross that he isn’t Danielle’s father on Thursday, November 19

Todd’s mind races when he learns Danielle is Tea’s daughter on Friday, November 20

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