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GH Spoilers: Week of November 16

Johnny learns the truth about Dominic.


Lulu learns her dad is involved with Sonny’s organization and she panics, because she knows Dominic is on the verge of taking Sonny down. Dominic’s timing couldn’t be better when he enters Sonny’s office just as Lulu appears to almost tell Sonny the truth. After Sonny learns of the photo Jason received, he assigns Dominic the task of finding out who sent Jason the photo. Lulu doesn’t tell Sonny about Dominic but she still is conflicted about the situation. Dominic shows Olivia the photo Jason received and tells her he believes Johnny sent it. Johnny overhears Dominic and Lulu’s conversation, and learns the truth. Johnny tells Olivia he knows the truth about Dominic. Olivia worries what Johnny will do now knowing the truth about Dominic.


Jason wants to make changes with his life in the hopes to influence Michael in a good way. A disturbing photo is sent to Jason from a mysterious source and he asks Spinelli to find out who sent the photo of Claudia’s dead body. Anthony and Joey Limbo hatch a plan to kill both Sonny and Jason. When Olivia accuses Johnny of sending the photo to Jason, he becomes very angry with her. At the meeting with Joey Limbo, Jason catches a glimpse of his mysterious stalker but mistakes him for a homeless person. Lucky is anxious to question Maxie about the night Claudia died. Luke confronts Elizabeth about her affair with Nikolas. Lucky believes Maxie knows more than she’s saying about Claudia’s death. Nikolas admits to Rebecca he’s been using her and he’s in love with someone else. Nikolas and Elizabeth succumb to temptation and Lucky almost walks in on them. Robin is not pleased when Patrick receives a thank you gift from his ex-girlfriend, and when Lisa befriends Robin, Patrick becomes a bit uneasy. Jason’s mystery stalker makes preparations to show some of his photography at a local art gallery. Kate puts Maxie in charge of the gallery opening.


Luke stuns Elizabeth when he reveals he knows about her affair with Nikolas on Monday, November 16.

Lucky suspects Maxie knows more about the night Claudia disappeared than she’s saying on Tuesday, November 17.

Johnny is stunned to discover the photograph when he’s at Olivia’s on Wednesday, November 18.

Sonny and Jason prepare for their meeting with Joey Limbo on Thursday, November 19.

Jason’s stalker makes preparations to attend the gallery opening featuring his photographs on Friday, November 20.

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