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ATWT Previews: Week of November 16


ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 16

Damian and Lily act in Noah’s best interest after his accident.


  • Damian and Lily decide to adopt Noah.
  • Barbara agrees to Mick’s experiment.
  • Alison figures out Hunter’s plan.
  • Jack helps Molly in her moment of need.


Rosanna proposes to Craig, unaware of his lingering feelings for Carly, but he says yes anyway. Following a lead on Simon, Jack runs into Molly in New York. Molly’s furious when a congressman she’s been seeing announces he’s running for governor, alongside his wife and children. She’s fired from her job when she reveals the congressman’s transgression. Later, Jack discovers Molly’s brakes have been tampered with and calls Carly to come to New York. Molly gets a policeman to wire her and once the congressman is in her car, she pretends to be taking him somewhere. Scared, he admits he hired someone to tamper with her brakes. Molly leaves her catch-up session with Jack and Carly to call an old friend. Thanks to a talk with Dusty, Liberty gets the inspiration she needs to write a college paper. Janet’s touched by Dusty’s kindness. Mick convinces a doubtful Barbara to sign up for a human trial of his product. Maddie tries making love to Casey, but he’s too pre-occupied with his thoughts of Alison to do it. Maddie and Hunter’s avatars continue to flirt online. Alison catches on to Hunter’s plan and realizes Emily had a hand in it. Even in spirit, Brad protects Katie. Henry’s life is threatened when the minion of an old nemesis comes knocking.


Noah’s taken to the hospital after fireworks from his production blow up in his face. At the hospital, Lily and Damian arrive in just enough time to stop a fight between Luke and Mason. Mason leaves, but comes back to threaten Luke with a lawsuit. He fumes that none of this would have happened if it weren’t for Luke. Fed up, Luke tells Mason to stay away from him, and from Noah. After Mason leaves, the doctor asks if Noah has family around because he needs someone to sign off on a risky, but necessary procedure. While Luke tries, to no avail, to contact Noah’s aunt, Damian suggests to Lily that they adopt Noah. It turns out that Noah has no insurance and if surgery isn’t done to reduce the brain swelling, it might be too late. Lily and Damian agree that adopting Noah is their only option, so that they can cover the cost of his surgery. Later, Luke’s hurt by Noah’s harsh words. Holden gives Lily a stern warning about their children. Rattled by her constant reminders of his secret, Damian fulfills Meg’s dreams to keep her quiet.

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