Taylor Spreitler’s Sweet 16, Hollywood Style

Next up was the ever so adorable Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick, who play Melanie Leyton and Chad Peterson Woods on Days of Our Lives. The couple are good friends with Taylor and was their to celebrate her day along with the rest of her guests.

So are you excited to be here tonight for Taylor’s sweet sixteen?

Molly: We are. It’s pretty bumpin’ right now.

Casey: Absolutely.

How has it being on Days in the midst of pretty much their biggest storyline as it comes to a head?

Casey: Oh, it’s been kind of unbelievable in a way. I love what I’m doing.

Molly: He has such amazing stuff coming up. He won’t say that but its some seriously amazing stuff.

Casey — You and James Scott are interesting to watch. It almost seems as if Chad and EJ will come to blows, but then you see EJ feel for Chad at the same time.

Molly: They are so good together.

Casey: It is a little intimidating I will say.

They made Chad’s dad the D.A., is there anything coming up with that or anything else you can share?

Casey: We actually just shot that one scene so far. Other than that we have a new girl, Gabby, and where that storyline goes I’m not really sure. They don’t tell us much.

Molly, you are in the midst of a love triangle – quadrangle – maybe a circle. It’s awesome.

Molly: Nobody knows!

Casey: yeah, she’s with Philip one day, Nathan the next, then Brady.

Fans took awhile to warm up and come to love Melanie, but she seems to be a favorite with most now. I personally think the relationship with Maggie helped a lot of fans give her a second chance. How has it been working with Suzanne Rogers?

Molly: She’s brilliant, amazing and so sweet. She’s also really interesting.