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GH Spoilers: Week of December 14

Maxie and Lulu go snooping in Franco’s studio for the photos of Maxie.


After his meeting with Jason, Franco vows to find out what makes Jason tick. Spinelli ends up in hot water with Jason when he finds out Spinelli went to visit Franco. Jason feels he is out of options and has to show Spinelli the photos of Maxie that Franco took the night of the gallery opening. Sonny is warned by Jason that Franco knows Michael is the one who killed Claudia. Jason believes he has figured out what Franco’s next move will be, but he’s too late to stop it. After being toyed with by Franco, Jason realizes the man needs to be stopped once and for all.

Lucky and Dominic begin to believe it is Franco who could be committing these crimes his artwork depicts. Maxie struggles with telling Spinelli about the night with Franco and later asks Lulu to go with her to Franco’s studio to search for more photos of her. When Maxie and Lulu let themselves into Franco’s studio, they encounter Franco’s agent. Maxie realizes she is going to have to tell Spinelli everything and the only way she will be able to forgive herself for cheating on him is if he goes and sleeps with someone else. Lulu makes a horrific discovery.


Sonny encourages Olivia to give in to her feelings for him. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she still wants to be with Lucky and later, Elizabeth clashes with Rebecca. Nikolas intentionally picks a fight with Luke. When Lucky questions Luke about his renewed hate towards Nikolas, he opens up old wounds with Luke. Robin proves to be a friend to Lisa after Lisa loses a patient during surgery. Patrick and Steve don’t see eye to eye. Dominic is told to focus his search for Claudia’s killer on Michael. Sonny asks Luke to try to get Lucky to back off of Michael about Claudia’s death, but Luke refuses.

Dominic struggles over whether or not to use Michael to get to Sonny. Sonny warns Michael about not saying too much to Lucky about Claudia’s death. Rebecca pushes forward in her plans to get Lucky away from Elizabeth. Sonny asks Jax to call in a few favors for Michael. Elizabeth, Lucky and Nikolas try to make Rebecca see how important Emily was to them.


Elizabeth goes toe to toe with Rebecca on Monday, December 14.

Robin proves to be a friend to Lisa after Lisa loses a patient during surgery on Tuesday, December 15.

Dominic begins to subtly probe Michael on Wednesday, December 16.

Jason warns Sonny that Franco knows that Michael killed Claudia on Thursday, December 17.

Lulu makes a horrific discovery on Friday, December 18.

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