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AMC Previews: Week of December 14


AMC Spoilers: Week of December 14

Madison confides in Jesse about her abusive past.


Erica tells Jesse that Madison is at the Miranda Center and that her father has been abusing her. Madison’s father asks Randi to help him track down Madison. Randi is furious when Frankie jumps to Madison’s defense. James tries to convince Jesse, Frankie and Angie that Madison is delusional. Jesse arrests Frankie after he assaults James at the police station. Randi pays Madison a visit at the Miranda claiming she wants to help her. Angie’s moved by Erica’s concern for Madison and begins to have a change of heart herself. Randi confesses to Frankie that she told James where his daughter is. Madison reveals to Jesse her sordid history of abuse and explains why she killed North. Jesse goes after James.


Believing that everyone is out to get her, Annie fires Liza as her attorney and represents herself. Annie’s trial is in full swing as Zach, Ryan, Erica, Colby, JR and Annie takes the witness stand. Annie forbids Adam to take the stand, but he has other plans. Kendall is horrified to see how unhinged Aidan has become. Erica tries to convince Zach that Kendall is in danger. All of Pine Valley’s elite receive anonymous invitations to a party, which everyone soon discovers is being hosted by David.


Adam wrestles with whether or not to stand by Annie on Monday, December 14.

JR realizes that Adam is going to come to Annie’s rescue on Tuesday, December 15

A bound and gagged Kendall manages to place a call to Zach on Wednesday, December 16

Amanda jumps to David’s defense on Thursday, December 17

Everyone has different reactions to David’s announcement on Friday, December 18

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