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OLTL Previews: Week of December 14


OLTL Spoilers: Week of December 14

Bo and Nora’s secret is out and Clint hatches a plan of revenge!

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Ross becomes more dangerous as the hostage situation intensifies, and he threatens to shoot Blair if he isn’t allowed to escape with his daughter. Todd lunges for Ross’s gun and Blair seizes the opportunity to free herself. Ross drags Danielle away from Todd and closer to the side of the bridge with tragic consequences. Danielle blames Todd and Tea for Ross’s death, and Todd realizes he can’t tell Danielle he is her father, yet. Tea insists an angry Danielle must return to Llanview and Matthew saves the day by inviting her to stay at Asa’s Mansion. Starr asks Todd about Danielle when she finds her photo, and Blair and Tea reach a truce. Meanwhile, Clint learns the truth about Bo and Nora and plots his revenge. Nora is shocked and hurt when she finds Kim with Clint in her bedroom, but slowly realizes it’s a set up, then Clint rips into her. Nigel puts Kim on notice that he’s not fooled by her act.


John has to continue to manipulate evidence to protect Natalie. Brody confronts John with the truth about what happened to Mitch. John arranges Mitch’s fingerprints on the letter opener, but Mitch wakes up and tells John he remembers Natalie stabbing him. John claims no one will believe Mitch. When Mitch gives his statement to Brody, he claims that John stabbed him. Mitch offers to let Natalie go free if John will take the fall, but John refuses. The shoe is on the other foot when Jessica is forced to keep secrets to protect those she loves. Jessica confronts Charlie about his drinking, but agrees not to tell Viki. Then Jessica learns Brody believes Natalie is responsible for stabbing Mitch. Dorian becomes alarmed when Mitch threatens her family.


Rex tells Gigi they need to spend some time apart until she sorts out her feelings for Schuyler on Monday, December 14.

Kim has Clint right where she wants him on Tuesday, December 15

Brody’s conflicted over what to do with what he knows about Natalie and John on Wednesday, December 16

Delphina senses that there’s danger ahead for Dorian. Dorian confronts Mitch on Thursday, December 17

Todd tells Starr what happened on the bridge in Seattle but leaves out the fact that Danielle is his daughter on Friday, December 18

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