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AMC Previews: Week of January 4


AMC Spoilers: Week of January 4

Wedding crashers surprise guests at Adam and Annie’s renewal ceremony.


Hayley and Mateo make a grand entrance as Adam and Annie are preparing to renew their wedding vows. Hayley announces that she’s back to tape a special episode of “Wave” because Pine Valley has been named “Best Town In America”. Ryan gives Hayley the lowdown on what’s happened since she left town. Hayley has a strong hatred of Annie and notices something going on between Ryan and Erica. The town’s leading citizens share their stories and reminisce about living in Pine Valley.


David explains to Greenlee why he let everyone believe she died in the accident. David gives Greenlee news that she needs surgery to repair the damage to her spine. Greenlee debates whether or not she should call Ryan. Greenlee has a happy dream in which she’s reunited with her loved ones. David cautions Greenlee that a lot has changed back home.


Liza informs Tad that David has issued a restraining order against them preventing them from returning to the bar in Gloucester. Liza is surprised with a kiss from Tad. Liza comes through for Ryan over Emma’s custody hearing. Annie fears she’s lost all chances of winning custody. David continues to lie to Amanda, who believes everything he says. Colby plans on keeping an eye on Annie.


Angie reaches out to Madison on Monday, January 4.

Many familiar faces return to Pine Valley to take part in Hayley’s special on Tuesday, January 5

Amanda gets angry over Jake’s continued attacks on David on Wednesday, January 6

Erica and Ryan make love for the first time on Thursday, January 7

Marissa gives JR a dose of tough love on Friday, January 8

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