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ATWT Previews: Week of December 28


ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 28

Craig kidnaps Carly and Jack comes to her rescue!


  • When the police arrive at Fairwinds Meg goes running.
  • Casey & Nancy have a heart to heart.
  • Janet & Dusty make love to ring in the New Year.
  • Carly & Jack grow closer.


Damian confronts Paul and Emily about Meg’s whereabouts, but Paul denies knowing where she is. Emily has reservations about Meg hiding out in the wine cellar. While Paul goes to plead with Damian and Lily not to press charges against Meg, meanwhile, Mick discovers Meg and calls the police. Meg flees Fairwinds with Eliza to the hospital where she is found by Alison. She calls Dr. Wilson as Paul tries to calm Meg and tells her not to put up a fight.

Casey goes to Nancy for advice about him wanting to marry Alison. Nancy gives him her engagement ring from when she was married to Chris, and she is very proud when Casey tells her he wants to become a lawyer like his dad. Casey has plans to meet Alison at the Lakeview to make their engagement official, but Alison goes to Hillside church to meet Mick. Casey arrives in the nick of time to save Alison from Mick when he becomes threatening. After Alison accepts Casey’s proposal, she suggests Valentine’s Day for them to get married.


Craig begs Carly to join him for one last Vitamin Water meeting thinking only of Parker’s future. Inclement weather prohibits Parker from coming to the meeting, but Craig goes to pick up Carly. Driving out of town, Craig informs Carly that Parker will not be joining them because his practice ran late, but Carly soon learns the truth when Parker calls her and she realizes Craig has tricked her into spending time with him. She insists he turn around and take her back to town. Jack who is with Parker when he calls Carly, suspects that Craig has kidnapped her. Carly and Craig fight for the wheel and go careening off the road. When Jack wants to use traffic records to find where Craig took Carly, Margo proposes an exchange. Jack agrees to come back to the force and Margo gives him access to the records. Jack follows Craig and Carly to the rustic cabin, leaving his car on the side of the road. By the time Jack arrives at the cabin, Carly has already left the cabin and found Jack’s car, but it won’t start. Craig comes back to the cabin sicker than he was before, having fallen through the top of a frozen pond. They give him a bath to warm him up and clean him off, then put him to bed.

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