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AMC Previews: Week of February 1


AMC Previews: Week of February 1

Greenlee discovers Ryan and Erica in bed together.

Columnist Amber Cunigan discusses the flaws and point of view of GH’s Elizabeth Webber in the latest edition of “The SoapBox


Erica and Ryan publicly declare their love. David informs Greenlee that Ryan has moved on, but he doesn’t say with who. Greenlee narrowly escapes being caught by Tad and Jake who stop at Wildwind. Greenlee sneaks out and heads to Ryan’s penthouse, where she see’s Ryan and Erica in a compromising position. Greenlee vows revenge against Ryan and Erica. Greenlee gets David to steal a flash drive at Ryan’s penthouse and explains to him that it contains a virus and she’s going to sabotage Fusion’s computer software. Ryan and Erica learn the extent of the damage done to Fusion’s software system. Greenlee urges David to stay and fight for what’s theirs and comes up with a surprising suggestion as to how they should start their quest for payback against the people who’ve hurt them.


Opal tells Jake and Amanda she had a premonition that David is back in town. Tad tells Jake he thought he saw a glimpse of David at Confusion. David tells Angie and Jake that Nurse Gayle is the patient he’s been treating. Amanda is shocked at how far Jake is willing to go to get David out of their lives. Opal can’t seem to shake the feeling that something wicked is headed everyone’s way.


Tad and Liza agree that their relationship is in a good place. Jake and Tad are onto David. Greenlee causes the smoke alarm to go off at Wildwind and is almost caught by Ryan. Ryan and Jessica inform Erica of their suspicions about David. Liza is shocked at how close Damon and Colby have become. JR devastates Colby when he admits he has cancer and has slipped out of remission.


Tad and Jake demand to know why David is back in town on Monday, February 1.

Annie tricks Adam into letting her work with Scott at Chandler Enterprises on Tuesday, February 2

Marissa confronts David on Wednesday, February 3

Greenlee has renewed vigor in her quest for revenge against Erica and Ryan on Thursday, February 4

Erica sets out to get the truth from David on Friday, February 5

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