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AMC Previews: Week of January 25


AMC Previews: Week of January 25

Annie, Colby and JR aren’t pleased with Adam’s new will.

Columnist Amber Cunigan discusses the flaws and point of view of GH’s Elizabeth Webber in the latest edition of “The SoapBox


Greenlee is anxious to move back to Pine Valley, but David warns her that she’s not physically ready to go. David grows concerned about what could happen to Greenlee when she returns home to find out that Ryan has moved on with Erica. David is shocked to learn Greenlee has left for Pine Valley. Greenlee can’t believe that Erica is in control of Fusion and is determined to fight for her company. Greenlee is on a mission to track down Ryan.


A few break-in’s have been happening around town and all fingers are pointing at Damon. Liza sees Damon with a bloody hand. Jesse’s curiosity is piqued when Natalia finds a copy of the documentary Hayley made at the crime scene. Liza tries to assure Damon that she’s on his side. Colby catches Damon in her bedroom. Damon claims his innocence to Colby, but will Adam catch them together? Liza is furious with Tad when she realizes he’s the one who pointed Jesse in Damon’s direction. Adam sets Colby up on a blind date.


Adam’s new will doesn’t sit well with Annie, Colby and JR. Krystal urges Tad to make amends with Liza. Natalia can’t help but to be charmed by Brot. Wanting to stake her claim as Mrs. Adam Chandler, Annie insists she and Adam attend Erica’s bash at Confusion. Jesse and Angie realize their marriage has hit a rough patch. Liza confronts Adam.


Annie figures out the real reason behind Adam’s new will on Monday, January 25.

Randi tries to get past her doubts about trusting Madison on Tuesday, January 26

Brot challenges Natalia on Wednesday, January 27

Erica is left with doubts about going public with Ryan on Thursday, January 28

Tad’s closeness to Krystal frustrates Liza on Friday, January 29

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