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ATWT Previews: Week of March 1


ATWT Previews: Week of March 1

Jack admits the truth to Janet.


  • Jack admits the truth to Janet.
  • Barbara storms out on Henry.
  • Faith is in big trouble at school.

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Carly believes telling Jack about Janet & Dusty’s affair will change everything between her and Jack. He disagrees, however, citing that there’s still family to think about. Dusty is nowhere to be found, but it revealed that he has been helping Liberty prepare for treatment. He returns to the hotel where he finds Jack who wants to discuss the situation with Janet.  Dusty admits that he is in love with her, while Jack has been emotionally absent. Janet walks in, and she is confronted by her husband.

Carly stumbles upon the conversation with Craig in tow. She lays everything on the line explaining that Jack was planning on leaving Janet but Liberty fell ill. Janet is upset about being the center of all the lies and betrayal yet remaining unaware of the drama unfolding around her. Carly explains that now that everything is out in the open, everyone can be with whom they want. Janet orders everyone out, and asks Jack point blank if he is still in love with Carly.

Faith gets in trouble at boarding school when she is caught with drugs. Damian, pretending to be her father, gets her off the hook with the headmistress in exchange for her help. She reluctantly agrees, but the arrangements to get Lily alone so Damian can talk to her are ruined. Faith returns to Oakdale and visits Holden in jail.

Katie discovers Henry and Barbara’s love affair. Reid’s hearing begins, and Bob and Kim stand up for the doctor, much to his surprise. Luke also comes forward and asks the judge to drop the charges. The judge allows Reid to leave town. Later at the hospital, Reid thanks Luke for coming to his aide. Now able to return to Dallas, Reid tells Luke that he’s taking Noah with him for better treatment.

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