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AMC Previews: Week of March 15


AMC Previews: Week of March 15

Tad admits to Krystal that Damon could be his son!

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Adam gets a surprise when he’s down in the tunnels. Adam starts to have trouble breathing and is shocked to see David taking action to save his life. David realizes how sick Adam is and has a proposition for him. Greenlee reunites with David after he sends her a text message using Adam’s phone. Jesse arrives as Adam is demanding that Greenlee tell him where David disappeared to. David spies on Annie and Scott from the tunnels and later warns Adam that Annie’s the same devious person she’s always been Greenlee finds David and is caught off guard when David impulsively kisses her. David and Greenlee both dismiss the kiss but its clear it meant something to him. Annie blames Brooke when Adam rebuffs her attempt to seduce him. Brooke warns Annie she’ll be keeping a close eye on her just as JR asked her to. Adam asks Brooke to keep Annie occupied. An eavesdropping Annie assumes Brooke and Adam are having an affair. Annie tells JR that she was the donor that saved his life.


Tad explains his history with Hillary to Damon and doesn’t blame her for not wanting to return to Pine Valley. Tad gives Jesse the go ahead to have Damon’s DNA tested to see if he could be his son. Tad desperately wants to make contact with Hillary after getting confirmation that Damon is his son. Tad comes down hard on Damon before he starts his community service but later goes to the hospital to apologize. Tad admits to Krystal that Damon could be his son. Tad’s temper flares when Liza tells him she went to Ohio and saw Hillary. Liza informs Tad that Hillary was headed off to Europe and is stunned when Tad reveals he found out he’s Damon’s father. Damon continues to act out at the hospital while doing his community service. Damon tries to cover his hurt when Tad informs him his parents took off for an extended European trip. Damon swipes a bottle of pills off a cart at the hospital.


Jack tries to mediate the situation between Erica and Greenlee at Fusion. Greenlee and Erica agree to a competition in which they’ll both launch a cosmetics line and whoever comes out on top gets the company while the other walks away. Frankie pops pain pills before performing surgery for the first time since injuring his hands. Ryan reveals to Jake that he bought the casino out from under Zach using a dummy corporation he formed as a front for Cambias.


Erica and Greenlee are both confident they’ll win the competition on Monday, March 15

Angie approaches Damon on Tuesday, March 16

Ryan comes to Madison’s rescue on Wednesday, March 17

Ryan gets Greenlee to open up on Thursday, March 18

Liza’s devastated when Tad pushes her away on Friday, March 19

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