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ATWT Previews: Week of March 8


ATWT Previews: Week of March 8

Jack learns that Janet is pregnant.


  • Lily comes face to face with Damian.
  • Jack learns that Janet is pregnant.
  • Chris Hughes returns to Oakdale.
  • Henry and Barbara make their relationship public.

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Faith convinces Lily to take to her visit a friend in nearby Forest Hills. While in the car Faith receives a text message from ‘Max.’ She confesses that the man who has messaging her as ‘Max’ is actually Damian. Lily is horrified by the revelation, but goes to see Damian anyway.

At the police station, Holden is furious to learn from Molly that Damian used Faith in his plot. Desperate to get to his family, Holden knocks out the guard and steals his car. Molly and Holden are able to trace Faith’s text messages to a house where they find Faith tied up, and Lily with Damian.

After a scuffle, Holden is knocked out. Damian takes Lily to a warehouse yet unbeknownst to him Molly is hot on the trail. Holden arrives on the scene. He and Damian argue about their relationships with Lily. Holden explains that what he has with Lily is pure. The fight escalates, and the gun goes off.

Luke confronts Faith for being so easily played by Damian. Emma tells Paul that Damian is not the only one responsible for sending Meg to Deerbrook. Paul visits Meg and tries to explain to her that Eliza needs her mother. Jack learns that Janet is pregnant. Dusty tries to convince her that the baby is theirs. He wants to build a family with her in a big house with a backyard for Johnny and with her as his wife.

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