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GH Previews: Week of April 26


GH Previews: Week of April 26

Dante makes a shocking announcement after he disrupts the proceedings in court.

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Sonny and Jason clash about Dante’s loyalty and if he will keep Michael hidden until the trial is over. Meanwhile, Dante tells Lucky about everything that has been going on and that Michael is missing. Maxie admits to Jason that Michael is hiding out at her apartment with Lulu and Dante. Michael is found at the Quartermaine boathouse by Maya, who decides not to let anyone know where he is. Carly lashes out at Lulu for keeping Michael’s location a secret. Michael calls Carly and lets her know he will turn himself in to the police if Sonny is convicted.

Meanwhile at the courthouse, Lisa is the only juror who is standing strong on her vote for ‘not guilty’. Claire tells Johnny about Lisa’s vote for ‘not guilty’, so Johnny pays Lisa a visit at her room at Metro Court. Claire warns Dante there could be repercussions if Sonny is acquitted. Maya gets caught helping Michael who is still hiding out in the Q’s boathouse, but Ethan agrees not to tell anyone.

Robin and Patrick argue over opposing opinions when they catch a glimpse of Michael in the park. Alexis finds Kristina with Michael at the boathouse and after Kristina pleads with her not to tell the authorities, Alexis tells Mac she knows where Michael is. Michael returns to the boathouse after taking off for fear of being caught by the police, he is reunited with Kristina, Molly and Morgan.

Back at court, Lisa makes a final plea to the rest of the jurors before they take the final vote. Dante shows up in court and makes a shocking announcement. Dante does his best to defend Michael’s actions when he’s called back on to the witness stand. The judge orders Carly back on the witness stand and she tries to do damage control.

Lucky discovers Michael at the boathouse and tries to be sympathetic to Michael’s situation. Jason and Lucky have a stand off over Michael. Claire confronts Jax about having her go after Sonny who he knew full well was innocent of killing Claudia.


Jax and Carly share family time with Morgan and try to put their differences aside. Skye fuels Tracy’s jealousy when she tries to keep her in the dark about what Luke is up to. Elizabeth remains in denial about Shirley’s future. Alexis and Kristina have a heart to heart talk. Kristina goes to see Sonny, who hopes his actions didn’t push her towards Kiefer. Nikolas and Patrick talk about parenting while Emma and Spencer play in the park.


Skye fuels Tracy’s jealousy to keep her in the dark about what she’s up to with Luke on Monday, April 26.

Lulu is left emotionally shredded after Carly rips into her for not calling her the minute she saw Michael on Tuesday, April 27.

Carly resorts to threats while imploring Olivia to get Dante to tell her where Michael is on Wednesday, April 28

Jason cautions Sonny that his faith in Dante is misplaced on Thursday, April 29.

Dante disrupts the courtroom and does his best to defend Michael’s actions while recounting his story on the witness stand on Friday, April 30.

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