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AMC Previews: Week of April 26


AMC Previews: Week of April 26

Annie thinks she’s in the clear when she learns Adam left town with Brooke.

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Annie tells JR she isn’t going anywhere. JR’s on the verge of confessing to Marissa. Annie thinks she’s in the clear when she learns Adam left town with Brooke. Colby is upset with JR. Liza shows up at the mansion looking for Annie with divorce papers in hand. Scott prevents Marissa from learning the truth. Scott and JR realize the trouble they’re in when it comes to Annie. Marissa gets the feeling she’s not getting the full story regarding Adam and Annie’s breakup. JR is worried Marissa will not forgive him if she figures out the truth. Annie spies on JR and Marissa making love.


Tad receives a text message presumably from Hillary asking to meet with him at her hotel room. Tad is shocked to find Paul Miller, Damon’s father instead. Tad takes Paul to see his son. After an argument with his father, Damon and Colby run off. Liza tears into Damon when she finds the two in the park together. Damon overhears Liza telling Colby that Tad is his father. Damon angrily confronts Liza. Damon and Tad come face to face.


Greenlee lays down the law with Madison. Amanda’s unnerved when she receives another message from her obsessed fan. Jake and Amanda tell Jesse about her stalker. Colby and Damon continue to connect. Natalia is hired as Amanda’s guard. Brot punches out a cop. Angie fears that David and Liza are up to something. Ryan comes to Madison’s rescue. David digs dirt on Madison.


David tells Greenlee he loves her on Monday, April 26

Liza witnesses Damon kissing Colby on Tuesday, April 27

Jesse suspends Brot on Wednesday, April 28

Jack plays it cool when Erica insists they can’t pursue an intimate relationship on Thursday, April 29

Natalia is found unconscious on Friday, April 30

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