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AMC Previews: Week of May 3


AMC Previews: Week of May 3

JR confesses the truth to Marissa.

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Amanda realizes something isn’t right, when she finds a handcrafted “award”, just before she discovers Natalia unconscious in the closet. Amanda’s horrified when someone from her past is revealed, with gun in hand, tells Amanda she’s going to take charge of her career. Jake and Brot rescue Amanda and Natalia, which leaves Amanda shaken by the ordeal and finds comfort in Jake’s arms. Natalia tells Jesse that Brot was the real hero and demands that his suspension should be lifted.


David overhears Randi talking about how Madison got away with murder. Wanting payback, David tells Madison he wants her to make a play for Ryan to keep him away from Greenlee. Ryan tries to make a bargain with Greenlee. David is shocked to learn that Greenlee and Ryan are taking a business trip to Rio. Greenlee insists to David that she has no interest in Ryan and that she’s committed to their marriage. David pressures Madison to get Ryan into her bed. Greenlee can’t shake her nausea and becomes worried.


Annie seethes when JR announces he’s buying a new house for his family in order to get away from her. An angry Annie is on the verge of telling Marissa the truth about her and JR. Annie gloats when Scott is put in charge of Chandler Enterprises over JR. The sexual tension between Annie and JR remains high. Marissa suspects there’s more going on that she’s being told. JR drugs Annie in their hotel room JR sends Scott to tend to Annie and prepares to come clean with Marissa. JR’s world comes crashing down. Annie admits to Scott that she has real feelings for JR. JR and Annie come face to face.


David enjoys toying with Angie. David pulls the rug out from under Angie. Jesse wonders what’s really going on between David and Liza. Jack and Erica can’t resist the attraction they feel for each other. Tad tries to work things out with Damon. Ryan wants Greenlee to clear Kendall’s name. Jesse supports Angie.


Damon tries to runaway on Monday, May 3

Brot gets his badge back on Tuesday, May 4

Damon is arrested on vandalism charges on Wednesday, May 5

Jake’s concerned for Amanda on Thursday, May 6

Marissa walks out on JR on Friday, May 7

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