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ATWT Previews: Week of May 3


ATWT Previews: Week of May 3

Vienna will get her baby, by any means necessary!


  • Henry is jealous when he sees Barbara on a date.
  • Reid operates on Noah.
  • Vienna seduces a vulnerable Casey .

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Henry wakes up to find himself handcuffed to the bed! While he was napping, Vienna sprung on the opportunity shackling him to the bed frame for one of their games. Henry tries to gently rebuff her romantic overtures but he is saved when Barbara knocks at the door. As Vienna takes a closer look at the material samples she brought, Barbara releases Henry from his compromising position. Later, Henry begins to suspect that Vienna has been trying to trick him into getting her pregnant. They fight, and Henry admits that he is feeling overwhelmed by the rush to get married. He needs space and suggests that they stay in separate rooms. Distraught, Vienna drowns her sorrows at Yo’s where she runs into Casey. After seeing Alison with Chris, Casey too is feeling lonely. Vienna recognizes similar physical features between Casey and Henry. She devises a new plan and she and Casey leave the bar together.


Carly soon puts two and two together and suspects that Craig was the one behind the fire at Monte Carlo. After finding him drunk, she drags him back to his hotel room. There, she prints out evidence that Craig misused Parker’s trust fund after Craig passes out. Parker is on edge from keeping his altercation with Gabriel a secret. Janet goes back to work at Metro in order to make some money so she can move out of Carly’s place. Janet and Dusty bond over the baby kicking inside her for the first time. Jack arrives on the scene and joins in on the celebration, much to Dusty’s chagrin. After being set up by Katie, Barbara goes on a miserable date with a man named Rex but is saved by a handsome pilot. Without Vienna, Henry and Barbara go to Yo’s for a disco dance contest. Chris tells Katie that she is disguising her own loneliness with her matchmaking. Alison is upset that Casey saw her hanging out with Chris. There’s a complication during Noah’s surgery, a leaky blood vessel. Reid suspects that it could cause brain damage but the extent won’t be known until Noah wakes up. Luke is devastated to hear the news and he can’t help but wonder if Reid slipped up on purpose.

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AMC Previews: Week of May 3

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