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GH Previews: Week of May 31


GH Previews: Week of May 31

Brook is issued a warning from Lulu…stay away from her man.

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Brook cooks a delicious dinner for Dante and they reminisce about the past. Lulu returns to Dante’s after she convinces Carly to give Brook a job. Brook leaves and Dante and Lulu make love after dinner. The Quartermaines offer Brook a place to stay but she declines the offer. Carly advises Brook to get close to Dante through Olivia. Brook makes it clear to Carly that she has other options if she opts not to seduce Dante. Dante invites Brook for dinner and Lulu realizes the two of them have a deep rooted connection.


Kristina has a dream about Kiefer. Alexis asks Sonny to go with Kristina to her therapy session. Sonny tries to keep his composure during the session but when he is compared to Kiefer he ends the session early. Sonny asks Carly if she felt he was ever abusive towards her. Kristina goes to see Ethan and tells him she thinks she allowed Kiefer to abuse her because he reminded her of her father.


Sam is denied a conjugal visit with Jason because they are not husband and wife. Jason feels guilty for not being there for Michael when he needed Jason. Dante goes to visit Michael and Jason shows up instead. When Spinelli visits with Jason he soon realizes that Spinelli has been recruited to help Carly in her schemes. Claire overhears Sonny threaten Johnny’s life when he tells Olivia he wants Johnny dead. Carly tells Sonny to do what is necessary to get Michael out of prison. Sonny is warned by Diane not to try to take down Johnny at this time. Claire strikes a deal with Johnny.


Tracy has become very ill and Luke’s concern for her well being grows. Elizabeth stands by her decision not to move into Wyndemere and looks into investing in a pharmaceutical company for financial stability without Nikolas’ help. Robin makes plans to volunteer in Africa for 3 weeks without consulting Patrick. Maxie confides in Robin that she can’t get Matt off her mind. Maxie plays on Spinelli’s jealousy and pretends she is talking to Matt on her cell phone.


On Monday, May 31 – Episode #12050 (original air date 5/4/10)–In this episode
Michael confesses in open court to the murder of Claudia.

Lucky and Nik fight, but Lucky stops short to avoid repeating past family mistakes on Tuesday, June 1.

Kristina invites Johnny over to find out whether or not Sonny abused Claudia on Wednesday, June 2

Nik makes it clear to Liz that he can offer her children a better way of life on Thursday, June 3.

Jason gives Dante an ultimatum: the day Dante shows up with a release is the day he will see his brother again on Friday, June 4.


Carly wants Sonny behind bars. Lulu accuses Brook of moving in on her man. Carter shocks Jason with a surprising message.

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