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ATWT Previews: Week of May 31


ATWT Previews: Week of May 31

Nancy shares sage sage advice to the young couples of Oakdale.


  • Noah sees Luke for the first time since the accident.
  • Casey confronts Vienna about her deception.
  • Katie gets some wise advice from Nancy.
  • Emily visits Meg at the hospital.

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Nancy shares some words of wisdom with the younger couples of Oakdale. She tells Alison and Casey that she hopes they can work out their differences. Nancy then helps Katie process her grief over Brad, telling her that she will love again. Katie admits that she might not be emotionally ready. Meanwhile Chris, delirious from painkillers, tells Alison how wonderful he thinks she is. Alison quickly realizes Chris believes he is talking to Katie. She tells Katie everything that Chris said, but Katie is unprepared to handle his outpouring of emotion.

Casey discovers that Vienna has been lying about her doctor’s appointments and that she is indeed, not pregnant. Henry comes upon the conversation, but Vienna brushes him off and goes to Katie’s house for some guidance. She confesses that she has slept with Casey and that she lied about being pregnant. Confused by Vienna’s hasty exit, Henry goes to Yo’s where he finds himself sitting at the bar beside Casey. Together they share a couple drinks but Casey is able to keep his affair with Vienna a secret. Vienna walks in and is worried that the truth might be out in the open. Later at the Lakeview, Vienna tries to seduce Henry but they are interrupted by Katie who has brought over something from her wedding to be Vienna’s ‘something borrowed.’ Katie keeps quiet, and Vienna is doubly appreciative.

Emily visits Meg in the hospital. Meg has another episode. Emily believes that Meg should be institutionalized again for her disturbing outbursts. Henry confesses to Vienna that he still has feelings for Barbara. Noah sees Luke and Reid kissing at Lily’s house. Lily admits to Lucinda that she still has feelings for Holden. Silas has sinister plans for Molly.

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