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OLTL Previews: Week of May 31


OLTL Previews: Week of May 31

Bo and Nora are getting married, only if they can overcome all their bad luck!

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Nora asks Viki to be her maid of honor. Bo and Nora spend their last night together as significant others, and wake up the next morning prepared to become husband and wife. Their wedding day is clouded, literally, by an approaching storm. A series of further incidents leaves Nora feeling, and looking less like the blushing bride than a bizarre sort of pirate. Nora goes to Foxy Roxy’s to primp for the wedding, and hopefully make some repairs. Viki, Jessica, Natalie and Roxy do their best to cheer Nora up, but there are more disasters in store. Roxy turns Nora’s hair green, a skunk has invaded their church with predictable results, and Bo and Nora’s wedding garments are ruined. However, their friends spring into action, and work feverishly to make this day perfect for Bo and Nora, and just as they’re prepared to proceed with the ceremony, the clouds part, the sun shines upon them, and it’s discovered they have no minister to perform the service.


Markko is arrested for attempted murder and placed in a cell next to Cole. Todd suspects Hannah may have tried to kill Ford and has her followed. Gigi and Rex tell Shane the tale of Rex’s parents. Destiny catches Dani and Nate kissing and insists that Dani has to tell Matthew or she will. Dani tries to tell Matthew she doesn’t love him but they keep being interrupted. Natalie and Brody agree they will not tell anyone they slept together. Natalie and John have a romantic moment in his office, while Brody and Jessica also find time for a little romance of their own. Natalie worries about her secret, while Jessica is disturbed by her own secret about Ford. David returns to Llanview in time for his pa’s wedding.


Encore Episode. Original air date 4/2/10. David hides while Kim tells Clint she cheated on him and is leaving on Monday, May 31.

Brody and Jessica have a romantic moment at Llanfair while John and Natalie share one in his office on Tuesday, June 1

Bo and Nora wake up to the rumble of thunder on their wedding day on Wednesday, June 2

Destiny gives Dani an ultimatum to be truthful with Matthew or she will on Thursday, June 3

Bo and Nora are ready to wed, in their original wedding garb from their first marriage on Friday, June 4


Rex and Gigi continue to re-connect. Lindsay has a gift for Bo & Nora. Starr has an encounter with a young stranger.

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