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AMC Previews: Week of May 31


AMC Previews: Week of May 31

JR accuses Annie of theft but later they share a passionate kiss.

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Up in the mountains Erica has a fever and starts to hallucinate. Jackson turns to Doc Waller for some help in finding Erica. Worried about Jackson searching for Erica, Greenlee interrupts him while he’s with Doc Waller. Ryan and Greenlee bond until he mentions Erica. Ryan questions Greenlee on whether she is behind the scandal. After having a vision of Erica telling her David is going to blame the whole plan on her, Greenlee becomes shaken and collapses in David’s arms. Erica heads out to the plane’s wreckage.


JR accuses Annie of theft, and starts ripping her to shreds to a blogger. Annie hears what JR has said about her and he admits the truth. Marissa warns Annie to stay away from her husband. Annie lets Marissa know that JR is obsessed with her. JR and Annie share a passionate kiss. Scott tells Annie that he wants her to move in with him. Annie and Scott celebrate Scott’s success over lunch.


Brot has flashbacks from Iraq. David is worried Greenlee may want to return to her old life. Madison agrees to go with Ryan to Jake and Amanda’s wedding. Colby asks Tad to talk to Liza on her behalf. Colby offers Liza a truce. Liza is determined to break up Colby and Damon. Ryan and Greenlee agree to be in Amanda’s wedding.


Monday, May 31 -Episode #10311, original air date 2/15/10–In this episode David
Hayward is taken away from a brawl with Pine Valleyites at the Chapel
after his surprise wedding to Greenlee.  Ryan and Greenlee talk for the
first time since her return

Madison asks Ryan out on a date on Tuesday, June 1

Tad continues to try and make Damon feel like part of the family on Wednesday, June 2

Jackson reaches out to Doc Waller to help him find Erica onThursday, June 3

Greenlee is shaken after a disturbing vision on Friday, June 4


Liza’s plan to ruin Damon hits a snag. Will Jake & Amanda keep their vow of celibacy? David & Jake are arrested.

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